Gwadar Smart Port City Master Plan You Can Be Proud Of

For sale, a vast modern, industrial property in Gwadar, Baluchistan, on the Haiyi Makran Coastal Street in the New China Silk Road plan, a field of ​​34 acres, including 6 acres on the front boundary of the place, established by the Gwadar Development Authority as business and modern state for marketing about a complete payment of 200 million rupees, or nearly 720 thousand Bahraini dinars, or the equivalent of that in different currencies.

Presently by simply typical payments, tomorrow is in your hands in Gwadar Smart Port City Master Plan  Baluchistan. But this vision must mature a truth, the latest Silk Road, the business track that unites that most extensive industry on the planet, China, to the world.

Unique primary structure regarding unique Taj Muhammad Ahmad Al Balushi Residential and Commercial City Scheme design into Gwadar City, Baluchistan Province, approaching that Arabian Sea.

That project area is 6.6 acres, about 32,000 square yards. Moreover, this is established in the fuel city block, 30 minutes south of Guarda Port and 20 minutes from the new Chinese Gwadar Airport site.

The project connected upon this report remained prepared also separated toward more extra than 100 vouchers among household, advertisement, including other special projects.

This particular Gwadar Smart Port City Master Plan has a main street with a width of 20 yards in the middle and sub-streets for each residential group, and each residential group consists of 8 adjacent plots. The prices of residential properties range from 1500 to 2500 Bahraini dinars only at the moment.

The areas of the residential plots are all approximately 104 square yards, which is enough to build small villas. We have deliberately made small spaces to enable the less able to buy plots. But, of course, the able buyer can buy more than one plot and combine them according to their financial ability.

These residential lands are classified as follows:

  1. Regular lands N
  2. Lands on the main street M
  3. Lands on two streets, the corner of MC Main Street

According to the attached drawing, you can build a one-story house for a price of 7000 dinars, one floor or two floors, for only 12,000 Bahraini dinars.

There is also a commercial area inside this project with car parking moreover industrial, direct vouchers whose rates have not remained determined yet plus order be marketed before some highest offer presented into this detailed schedule, which is:

  • A voucher toward some construction of a gas station with four affiliated service shops with a total area of ​​approximately 400 square yards.
  • Five retail vouchers, each voucher approximately 60 square yards.
  • Two plots for constructing two commercial complexes, the first plot on the main street, ​​approximately 1500 square yards, and the second on the main road, with ​​around 1200 square yards.
  • One voucher for a private medical clinic with an area of ​​approximately 200 square yards.
  • One voucher for a private school (kindergarten + primary) with ​​approximately 1000 square yards.
  • An empty plot of approximately 500 square yards as a waqf not intended for sale to construct a small mosque.
  • And in return, it is empty land with ​​approximately 1500 square yards to establish a small garden with a small residence for the security guard (the seller’s property is not intended for sale) unless the entire project is purchased.

The Gwadar Smart Port City Master Plan is the nucleus of a community with a final vacation and is offered for sale, either in a piecemeal form and requires attendance in-person to pay the price and complete the procedures.

The project is offered for sale in full at a price of only 550 thousand dinars, and it is no secret that the area is large. The scheme is wholly approved and can be raised quickly and is expected to rise by 100 thousand to one million dollars annually, noting that there is rapid strategic growth and development in the city of Gwadar, where the People’s Republic of China is currently at its expense Building a modern silk road, which is a massive project for a fast network of cars, trains and others extending from China to the port of Gwadar Smart Port City Master Plan and also developing the port itself and establishing a free trade zone, which will serve as a vast commercial port for it on the Arabian Sea and the gateway to the Arabian Gulf, which will save it time, effort, distance and cost Expensive for air and sea transportation. To reach by land to the Arabian Gulf region and the world.

The future is in your hands in the city of Gwadar in Baluchistan province. To transform from a person who owns little to the owner of a vast land for sale at a meager price, accessible to everyone, raw, unplanned land with an area of ​​10 acres near Gwadar International Airport and near the industrial space at 2200 Bahraini dinars per acre at a total price of 22 A thousand Bahraini dinars only.

Now you can buy residential or commercial land for a meager price, an investment for the future, Taj scheme under Gwadar City, Baluchistan Province, China’s new silk road 20 minutes from Gwadar port 15 minutes from Gwadar Airport.

Everything is done within some recognized specialists and your presence. Toward queries and doubts in English or Urdu, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Here stands an advertisement upon every real estate corporation and construction architects craving to finance into the port town of Gwadar Baluchistan province, established toward the spectacular Arabian Sea, which means currently doing built, matured, and supported by the Chinese state.

We recognize that we hold a land range of ​​6.6 acres in the petroleum city 15 minutes eastward of the new Gwadar Housing Scheme. This state is specifically designed plus approved by Gwadar, developing relationships with the recognized authorities in the town of Gwadar.

This project’s name is Taj City. It is classified within more different than 110 plots of property between domestic, industrial, and individual sectors plans also awarded for trade at low prices or to sell the whole project for 3 million US dollars or to register as a companion with us to develop the entire domestic villas exchange for a share of the values.

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