Everything You Need to Know About Blocked Drains

The problem of blocked drains is one of several causes of plumbing problems. Those moments of emergency should be given utmost importance by calling in professional plumbing service providers.. Otherwise, overlooking the factor to fix this kind of problem can result in overflowing drains and sinks. As a result, that can have a series of other ill effects and an unbearable stink that is persistent.

If you are in Australia, you must have realized that blocked drains are commonly prevalent here.?Here are some of the various causes of?blocked drains.?

Let Us Discuss Some Main Reasons For Blockage In Drains 

Blocked drains are a most common problem in almost all households. Before you call a plumber to fix your?blocked drain,?try and figure out the reason for it. There is a great chance that you can fix it yourself.?

1. Grease and Fat:?Perhaps the most major and normal reason for hindered channels is the oil and fat that goes down the channels as food. The greasy matter from leftover food and slimy soap that washes down the drain solidifies and sticks on the sides of the water pipes. With time, this becomes mortar and gets difficult to remove.?

This problem can be easily solved by draining either hot water or a mild homemade cleaner down the drain pipes regularly. Flushing boiled water down the water pipes regularly is the easiest maintenance you can give to your drainage system. 

2. Leaves and Tree Roots:?Another common reason for?blocked drains? is the falling trees and ?leaves into drains. Especially, during the autumn season, the falling leaves get washed down the drains and clog them. The second reason for blocked drains is the roots of the trees. The roots of the trees find a way into the water and sewer pipes in search of moisture and crack them.?

One of the best ways to prevent the growth of roots inside the pipes is to drain down the chemicals that can kill the roots of the trees. 

3. Hair Buildup:?While hair buildup might sound too delicate to create drain blockages, they can get really difficult to treat once combined with other reasons for drain blockages such as grease, fat, or dry leaves. Habits such as washing the hair down after a shave or a head wash are the basic reasons for the blocked drains, and can become severely stubborn with time. As the hair goes down the drain pipes, it starts clinging to the fat, grease, and dry leaves present.?

In this problem, prevention is better than cure. There are several products in the market that help to catch the hair from flowing into the drain. Using these is the wisest decision in this matter. 

4. Quality of Drainage System:?Apart from all the factors mentioned earlier that are mostly external, the quality of the drainage system is one internal factor that also contributes to the problem of?blocked drains. If the water pipes are not good quality or fragile (such as clay pipes), they will require much more maintenance and care.?

A good plumbing service also becomes crucial with these kinds of drainage systems.?


Before you consider hiring the local plumbing services, you should call in professionals, who can help you maintain your drain pipes and clean them regularly. You can buy a drain snake or a long pipe cleaner and a few drain cleaners. Alternatively, you can also make DIY drain cleaners at home and use them regularly to keep your drains from clogging.