Wavlink Outdoor Repeater Troubleshooting Steps for Better Performance

The Wavlink Outdoor Repeater is compatible with the IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac standards wifi. It speeds up the wifi range to 600mbps with the dual-frequency. Because the device is weatherproof that’s why you place it outside and inside as well without any problem. In this repeater, you get flexible and smooth internet in our house deed coverage area.

In this device wavlink company built long-range and high-performance 2 x 7dBi Detachable Omni Directional Antennas. You connect this device weirdly and wirelessly as well. Fr wireless connection you get the lan port which speed is? 10/100mbps.

Wavlink Outdoor Repeater

Connect the extender into the repeat mode-

  1. It is the easiest way to connect the AP to be used as  Wavlink Outdoor Repeater

Make sure the router has a WPS button and Set the repeat to the repeater mode.

  1. First, pull the router into the wall power outlet.
  2. Push the WPS button on the modem for at least 10 seconds or until it is blinking LED.
  3. After that again press it on the extended. ( make sure: within 2 minutes because after that, the device is unable to connect.
  4. After that repeater is shown with an LED and the device is connected.
  5. Now you connect the device with the computer or phone through the SSID.

Login to the Wavlink wifi into your phone.

  • Make sure: before setting up the computer select the AP/mode.
  • Press on the network icon on the bottom right toolbar on your computer screen.
  • Locate the SSID of the repeater and connect it.
  • Open any web browser and enter ap.setup wavlink in the address bar of your web.
  • After a few seconds, a log-in screen will appear on the computer.
  • Enter the default user name ?admin? and password ?admin?.
  • Submit them. (To do this hit on the login option).
  • Now the Wavlink Outdoor Repeater webpage will appear and it is logged in.

How to fix the unstable wireless network into the wavlink extender?

  1. There is some solution for it, let’s see.
  2. Usually, Place the extender in the middle of the router and the electronic device but if the network is slow, fix it near the router.
  3. If you are connecting multiple devices with the extender then disconnect some devices and then see the network range.
  4. Sometimes the wireless channel creates problems then you need to change it.
  1. you better disable the power-saving feature of the wireless Wavlink Outdoor Repeater.
  2. If still, you have a network issue there then you can power cycle both devices such as the computer, main router, and Wavlink Outdoor Repeater.
  3. To power cycle-

Power off the adapter from your router first, then the repeater and  Shut down your computer.

Plug the main router first, then it.

Wait until the router and extender LED are on then power on the computer.

  1. Upgrade new firmware into the device because if the device is needed to update then you will face this type of issue.

How to upgrade the software on the Wavlink Outdoor Repeater?

To update the firmware, open the web browser.

  • Visit the.wifi.wavlink.com login website
  • Login to the repeater.
  • Go to the setting.
  • Find and click on the wifi update/ firmware update option.
  • Open the wifi status and check the update status if there is any update.
  • To its installation double hit on it.
  • This process takes time, so that’s why I have to wait for some time. Until it will install.
  • After downloading the installation software.
  • At the end, reboot the  Wavlink Outdoor Repeater.

To reboot it-

  • First, you need to unplug the computer.
  • Now also the power of the extender Wavlink Outdoor Repeater. After some time again, power on both devices.

To Disable the power saving feature of the wireless adapter follow these steps;

If the wifi repeater network is slow then you are doing this process for boosting the network.

Open the computer or laptop.

Right-click on the computer screen.

Find and select the power option in the list.

After that, go to the additional option.

Now, choose and set up the plan settings for the power plan you want to change.

Next, you can go to the advanced setting and change settings if you want.

Select the Wireless Adapter Settings and then on the Power Saving Mode to expand the section and click on it.

At the last choose the desired power options and on it.