Do You Want To Extend WiFi Range In Your Whole Home?

wifi range

If you use a wireless router for WiFi connectivity, it will give you WiFi connectivity. But the wifi range will not be extend in your whole house. By which you will not be able to enjoy the wifi network anywhere in your whole home. To get WiFi connectivity in the whole home, you can use Dlink Extender. Dlink is the company name that manufactures routers, wifi extenders and other wireless network devices.

The Dlink extender is designed to to increase or extend the wifi range in your whole home. It is wireless and simply places it anywhere in your home. It takes the signal of the existing wifi router and regenerates the signal, and then provides a strong, better and stable wifi signal in the whole home. The dlink extender covers all dead zone areas of your whole home, you can cover the whole dead sone area of your house using the dlink covr.local. The extender is easily connected to the existing router and better provides wifi network connectivity in long-distance areas. It is dual-band, it means this device provides up to 750mpbs speed. The dual-band includes 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency, it provides bandwidth up to 300Mbps on the 2.4Ghz and 433Mbps on the 5GHz bands. Dlink Extender Extends the signal of the existing router in the dead zone in your whole home.

Some points to extend wifi range in your whole home

If you want to extend the WiFi range in your whole home, then you can do it with the Dlink extender. It gives better and stab;le wifi connectivity as compared to the wifi router. This extender removes or eliminates the dead zone of the long distance area. With the wifi connectivity of this extender, you can watch 4K videos without any buffering. If you want to extend the WiFi range with Dlink Extender, there are some points that are as follows.

1.? Ventilated area

If you want to extend wifi range, then you should not keep the Dlink extender in the hot area. Extender should be kept away from dust, dirt and water. Most important thing, you should keep this with the router, only then your entire house will be able to extend wifi range. If the range is extend, then you will be able to play HD videos, email checks and online games without any buffering. So the extender is placed in a cool area. 

2.? Use Dual-band technology

If you want to extend wifi range in your whole home, you can use the Dual-band technology. In the dlink extender has the dual-band technology. The dual-band technology supports 2.4 Ghz and 5 GHz frequency. The 2.4 GHz frequency is lower frequency. It is used in a lot of devices, due to which the signals are very high. And the 5GHz is a higher frequency technology. Which is used in less devices and hence only the devices using it can get higher speed. Dlink extender is also used dual-band technology, from which extend wifi range in your whole home. 

3.? setup to the Extender

If you want to extend wifi signal in your whole home, so you can set up the extender, it is very simple and easy to set up the range extender. Very user easy setup the extender, it takes 2-3 minutes to set up. First of all, plug the extender into the power circuit near the wifi router, like place the extender and the router in the same room. Connect your device computer or laptop to an extender wifi network. Click the wifi icon in the computer and connect the extender network. Open the web browser and type http dlinkap local in the search bar, press enter. After that, the login page is displayed, fill the login details in their column. The default username and password is ?admin?. After that, the setup section will appear on the page, click on it. And follow the prompt on screen instruction. Once the setup is over, you can unplug the extender from the power circuit. You can place the extender at the place where the internet is needed.

Final words

The dlink extender is the best way to extend the wifi range of your house. It includes many features such as parental control, MU-MIMO technology, guest network and dual-band. It easily connects the existing router through the WPS button and provides a strong and stable signal of all the devices, which is connected. This extender helps to cover more coverage areas, and watch 4K videos without any buffering. This extender works very well, connecting to the router. So that, this extender is perfect for extending wifi range in your whole home. 

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