Enjoy Your Desert Safari in Dubai

Desert Safari Dubai, a thrilling 6 hours journey in the mighty Desert of Dubai is soaked in the spicy savor of adventure and thrill. The trip includes the usual activities such as Belly Dancing, Dune Bashing, Tanura Dance, Sand boarding, Camel Riding and Horse Riding etc. However, on this tour you will be taking part in some bizarre activities too, which will leave you scratching your head in amazement. On this safari you can also visit the Dune Thresher’s World, the Desert Bush Gardens, the King Faisal Jumeriah’s House and the Burj Al Arab Hotel.

A Dubai desert safari is considered to be the best way to explore the magnificent desert regions of the world. This adventure ride takes you to the extent where you get to view the sun setting behind the mountains. All these amazing attractions are offered by the Dubai tourism. If you have a long term or short term vacation plans in Dubai, then the desert safari in Dubai will be the best option for you to enjoy your vacation with comfort and ease. So book a vehicle for this exotic journey and make your dream visit to the world’s most visited tourist destination in a memorable way.

Once you reach Dubai, the first thing that you would notice in Dubai is the vast Threelac Mountain. From here, take a hot air balloon ride to Al Maktoum Mountain. It is one of the most beautiful locales in Dubai and offers a breath taking view of the Arabian Desert. From Al Maktoum, it is a drive over the rocky Mountains and you will reach desert safari city of Satwa. From Satwa, you can see the snow peaked mountains of Jumeriah and Al Ghazalah. These mountains are the abode of the most majestic camels that ply throughout the desert region.

There is a wide array of hot air balloons that take you high above the lovely desert scenery of Dubai. Take pleasure in taking a ride on one of them as it skimms the earth and gives you an amazingly breathtaking view of the distant horizon. There is an amazing tradition of camel riding in Dubai. You can try to ride on these camels on your desert safari in Dubai and be the proud owners of one such camper.

Riding on camels is one of the best ways to experience the Arabian Desert. This is the reason why there are many desert safari companies that are operating in Dubai offering their services to the tourists who want to enjoy riding on camels in this place. The camels are well maintained with the required amenities. They provide comfortable resting places for the travellers so that they do not face any difficulties during the resting period.

One of the best ways to enjoy the desert safari in Dubai is to participate in camel trekking. The desert provides an amazing experience to the travellers. The deserts are home to varied species of flora and fauna and offer spectacular views of the oases, water bodies and springs. You can also view different birds and animals that inhabit in the desert region. There are varieties of birds that are found in the desert regions and one of them is the Wild Fowl.

It is believed that the Wild Fowls migrates to the desert regions for breeding. Hence, it is possible for you to see them in their most colourful conditions and even feed them. You can enjoy seeing various species of birds in their natural habitat. On your desert safari in Dubai, you can also enjoy camping under the stars in the night. Camping in Dubai is the best way to experience the true desert safari.

Camping in Dubai gives you the opportunity to enjoy the desert safari at its best. You can spend nights over the stars with your family or friends. The food you take in will also help you get the full desert experience. You can cook foods that are completely made over the open fire. This type of cooking will make you enjoy the taste of the wild and will ensure that you get the most out of your desert safari.

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