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The kitchen is the heart of a home. You and your family will spend a lot of time together in the kitchen.  A beautifully painted kitchen is an important part of your residential space.

In this article, we will have a look at various kitchen painting ideas from which you will be able to draw some inspiration too.

A few things to keep in mind before painting your kitchen are as follows:

� Space should be inviting and have a relaxing look.

�         It should project your personality and style.

Your personal style can vary from creating a well-lit and airy kitchen, classic beige, white painted kitchens, or cozy kitchens painted in dark colors.

To add some definition to your kitchen, you can paint the cabinet with some accent colors. These colors can be dark brown, black, blue, and on the lighter side of the color palette, you can paint your cabinets white, beige, or yellows. This way, a lot of definition and accent is added to your house through the kitchen.

Color Combination for Your Kitchen Cabinets and Walls�

Let�s have a look at some color combination for your cabinets and walls for kitchen painting:-

Pale blue and white: These colors will add the illusion of space and gives a relaxing atmospheric look to your kitchen. The blue color looks calm and gives breezy vibes to your kitchen.

Bright Green and Blue: You can choose from dark verdant colors to light cherry greens. These colors brighten up space and are a perfect accent for your residential painting needs. A quick tip is to add bamboo or dark wood furniture to such kitchens to give them a very chic and modern look.

Blue and Black: This is a very moody color combination. They make your interior dark and give cozy vibes. The combination looks mute but yet still feels warm and rich. Paint a few of your cabinets with white color or add a white ceramic sink, and you are good to go.

Historic blue and white: Once your kitchen is painted in this combination you are practically transferred to Santorini Greece, looks very breezy, fresh, and calming at the same time. This is one of the favorite choices of designer Grace Mitchell for large sized kitchens.

Green and white: Want to make your kitchen look rustic, fresh that reminds of the quaint countryside life? Paint your cabinets in a sap green or pastel green color complemented with white walls and white colored furniture. Add gold colored hinges to your green cabinets; it will enhance the look of a kitchen. Such little accents are always a great addition to enhance your kitchen interiors.

Grey and white: Sara Davis, the famous designer, swears by great and white combination for opulence and luxury. Gray and white make the kitchen look very spacious and clean. If you add a few plants and pastel colored furniture the kitchen will look beautiful. It�s a very modern and yet simple color combination to go by.

Canary Yellow with Blue: With this combination, you can really experiment. You can add blue to the walls with yellow cabinets or vice-versa. This is a timeless color combination for your kitchen. It looks modern, clean, and yet exudes retro countryside vibes. You can add few accent pieces with dark wood furniture.

Turquoise white/Yellows: Yet again, two complementary colors that always go together.  This is a classic combination and looks very rich. If you have a small kitchen, this combination is a great way to add an accent to your house. Residential painting is a tricky activity, but choosing right accents, right colors and especially a bright colored kitchen adds a lot of definition to your entire house.

Retro Kitchen with Color Pops: Painting kitchen walls in cream, yellow and white with adding various colors to cabinets, furniture and ceiling make your perfect 90s house. You can paint your cabinets with earthy colors like ochre, brown or with bright colors like orange, yellows and greens.  These kitchens are very inviting and if added extra space for dining area it�s great for big houses and big families that believe in having meals together.

Minty Fresh: If your kitchen is well lit with large windows and gets a lot of natural light, this is your perfect color. Mint can be painted with combinations of various colors like white, beige, teal, blue, etc. Such a combination looks fresh and has a very calming effect.

Painting the kitchen is important for new house owners, people giving a renovation to their house, or people who want to sell their house. A beautifully painted kitchen is important for many families as a lot of people value home cooking these days. A space for the chef of the house should be artsy, should reflect their likeliness, and should make them feel inspired.

After discussing color combinations let�s have a look at standalone colors and few other things that will help you enhance the look of your kitchen.

Colors like Pure white, yellow, Ochre, earthy tones of orange look great when painted on walls, and for cabinets and furniture you can choose one of the undertones of these colors.  White color looks timeless and classy. It gives your kitchen a very simple look, makes the kitchen feel fresh and breezy. One can easily add some definition to the kitchen with adding plants and furniture that are of the same or complimentary colors.


Your kitchen colors make quite a statement about your house as a whole as well as your personality. Cool and elegant colors make the kitchen inspiring, and working in the kitchen becomes interesting. House painting requires a lot of effort. But, once you choose good experienced professional painters, you are free from unnecessary worries.  Professional painters understand your vision and strive to make it a reality to the level of precision.

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