How to Take Care & Use Old Halloween Costumes & Wigs In Quarantine-O-Ween?

    old halloween costumes

    There is hardly anyone who is not affected by the corona outbreak. In fact, the lives of most of us are affected due to it followed by strict safety measures and directions enforced by the Government which includes locking us down at our homes and following social distancing apart from cleaning our hands at regular intervals.?

    Doing this for months is certainly not pleasing and rather is too boring but it is crucial to do this for saving the lives of others as the virus transmits quite easily. Meanwhile, in this quarantine time, it is important to do something that keeps us busy and active.

     For all of you that have Halloween costumes and wigs and have been waiting for the next theme party or festival, it’s time you take out your Halloween wigs and costumes and refresh them all because after Quarantine-O-Ween is over, you do not want to miss out on parties.

    1.Deep Clean Your Wigs

    The first thing you can do to refresh your wig is to deep clean it. For this put a few pumps of shampoo and a gallon of water in a pot and boil it for some time. After it, put the mixture in an empty wash basin and submerge the wig completely in it for a few minutes. 

    Now put it out and apply some shampoo on it and rub the cap and laces in the wig so that all silos gets wiped out. After you have shampooed, it’s time to return to the sink and apply some conditioner over it followed by rinsing it again with some warm water. You can use a cloth to wipe out water from your festival wigs and wait till it is dry.

    2.Reduce the Heat Usage

     A common mistake people do while using Halloween costumes and wigs is that they tend to apply heat over it. Applying too much heat on historical costumes can disrupt the way it looks while for the wig, it can damage the hair strands. 

    If you own a synthetic wig, then don?t apply heat over it, rather use a wet scarf over the wig and then apply flat iron on it while for the costume, cover it up with a cotton cloth and then apply iron on it. Remember to put the temperature low while doing it with or without a cloth.

    3. Add Dry Shampoo to Your Routine

    One more thing you should do and make it a routine is not to wash the wig more frequently. Washing it frequently can take the moisture out of it and make it look dull and lifeless. One more disadvantage of washing a wig frequently is that it can become saturated and filled with oils, it will not only damage the hair stands but will also look unauthentic due to the extreme shine.

    To prevent this, make sure to wash the wig after every 5 to 10 usage while if you use it daily then you can wash it once a week. You can consider applying some dry shampoo over it to prevent over washing necessities.

    4. Trim the Wig and Costume

    Another way to take care of your old Godiva wigs and superhero costumes that you bought on Halloween is to try some trimming over it. Shortening your full lace front wigs can give you a new look adding to your charm but try these operations on cheap wigs at first until you don?t think you are an expert at doing that over and over again. 

    The same is the case with Halloween costumes; you can try doing some trimming on it. Maybe shortening the long dress or replacing the children’s costumes can be a fun experiment to do this summer when you don?t know what exactly to do.

    Well, experiment with your costumes and wigs!

    5. Use Condition Spray and Blow Dryer

    Using a conditioning spray will restore the life of your wig, moreover, it’s a great choice if you have a curly hair wig. Doing it will add moisture and help in detangling the curls. If you want to use the wigs in this quarantine and wish to have some fun with your children and family, then tiring out a blow dryer is a great choice.

    Applying a blow dryer will not only dry the hair but also add some great volume to it and will enable you to set the hair as you like. However, we will suggest giving your wigs some air drying time after you have washed it and are waiting for it to get dry. 

    Have Some Fun In this Quarantine-O-Ween

    No doubt, we all are itching to go out and party and many of you must be waiting for the lockdown period to get over and do your routine work freely, don?t bore, rather try out new methods. Applying some of these methods will surely refresh your old Halloween wigs and costumes and you will be ready to party on the very first day after things go back to normal.

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