Most important guideline to getting your boiler serviced

    boiler serviced

    The gas boiler service is a manual check of your boiler. A qualified plumber or engineer will check your boiler for possible faults or problems and maintain certain parts in it. This helps maintain uninterrupted, safe, and efficient operation of the boiler during boiler service.

    Boiler service versus gas boiler repair

    Boiler maintenance helps prevent breakdowns and is usually done once a year. If you are not a landlord, boiler maintenance is not necessary every year. Nevertheless, annual gas boiler service helps identify any issues to keep your boiler in excellent condition and prevent complete breakdowns. Usually, you have to repair the boiler when you have problems with the boiler, for example when you do not have hot water or heating. Boiler cover is like an insurance for your boiler. As with mobile phone insurance, you can cover your boiler, and, as a rule, you can pay the surplus for repairs.

    How often should you maintain your boiler?

    Boiler manufacturers recommend servicing the boiler once a year to ensure efficient and safe operation. Booking an annual boiler service with a qualified engineer is one of the best ways to ensure your boiler is operating efficiently and to identify any issues that may pose a potential safety risk.

    What is the annual service of the boiler?

    If you are interested in what happens in the boiler room, this is what the boiler service usually consists of:

    • Gas pressure control
    • Check for signs of corrosion or leaks inside and outside the boiler.
    • Check for toxic emissions to see if gases like carbon monoxide are being emitted into your home
    • Check that all controls operate safely and efficiently
    • Check that all internal parts are clean and secure

    If you have a condensing boiler, the engineer will remove and clean the steam trap. If you have a boiler in which it is not possible to remove the lid, the engineer will perform a flue gas test to check how much carbon monoxide is being pumped out of the device.

    Maintenance of the boiler in the summer

    Make a month of heating although it may seem to you in the hot summer months and the sun is shining, but if you get used to switching the system every 3-4 weeks, you will get all parts of your system moving. Lack of activity is one of the main causes of boiler failure in cold weather, and by performing this simple task it can prevent it.

    Please your radiators at the beginning of the summer period

    While you will most likely not need to use your radiators in the summer months, it is best if they are pumped thoroughly and then check the pressure in the system. Any accumulation of air in the radiator systems can potentially enter your boiler, leading to breakage. In addition, if oxygen remains in the radiators, this also leads to the formation of hydrogen in the system, which is the main factor in the corrosion of steel radiators and boiler parts.

    Has your boiler been maintenance and gas safety checks during summertime? 

    Checking your system during the summer months has several benefits, including simplifying planning and reducing waiting times for engineers. He can also provide information that your system has been tested for cold weather and that everything is safe. This also means that if our engineer advised you to repair your system or replace your system, it can happen in the summer months, which is much more convenient for you as a homeowner than sitting in a cold house while waiting for work. to complete.

    Turn on you TRV (Thermostatic Radiator Valves) to maximum

    While it may seem crazy if the last thing you want, if it is in the top 20s, your working procedure is TRV shutdown in warm weather, and if they were turned off at a low level, then the heating system switches to summer there a chance that they are stuck in a non-working position. Although this does not bother you in the summer, when you switch the heating on again you will notice that the radiators concerned remain cold. To fix this, at least you need a technician to unlock it, or in the worst-case scenario, you may need to drain the system to replace damaged radiators.

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