How to Host a Wedding amidst the Corona virus Outbreak?


    After being declared a global pandemic, the Covid19 outbreak has halted every aspect of normal life. And as the situation seems to be exacerbating, couples are anxious about postponing their weddings that they had been planning for months. The recommendations might differ based on your country and restrictions imposed by your government. You probably have no other option but to postpone if your country or city is under lockdown. However, for other countries, where the pandemic is not as bad and only social distancing is recommended, here?s what you can do.

    Cut Short the Guest List

    Your wedding can be particularly destructive for people who are immune-compromised. Thus, if you are planning to go ahead with it, cut short the individuals who are above 60 and infants. For your guests’ safety, inquire about any co-morbidity especially diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases or any other underlying inflammatory or autoimmune disease. Since this will be a rather time-consuming and grueling process, you will get a clear sense of whom you would want to be a part of your wedding day especially because CDC has banned gatherings including more than fifty people ? hence, the lesser the people, the better. Thus, having close friends instead of acquaintances can be more fulfilling than having an extravagant affair. 

    Look at the silver lining 

    If you are not able to invite and host 500 or 1000 guests, don?t get frustrated and look at the silver lining. Extravagant weddings can result in lots of money getting wasted. Instead, you can use that money on something more long lasting like a diamond ring for your spouse or simply saving it for your future. 

    Host the Event at an Open Space in Your Hometown 

    Choose a venue that is both cost-effective and out in the open. Although this may be rather contrary to your initial wedding ceremony, you can always grandly renew your vows when the outbreak is under control. Given the current situation where people are facing heavy financial losses because of a lack of refund policy of most wedding planners and restaurants, a cheaper alternative seems more desirable. Moreover, choosing a large yard or lawn for your wedding will be apt for effectively practicing social distancing as well.?

    Separate Arrangements for the Elderly and Sick 

    Quite inevitably you will have your parents and close, elderly family members making it into the list. They are the most at risk, hence for their safety limit intermingling of guests. This can be done by arranging separate seating, buffet and private quarters for the elderly to enjoy the event. Cordialities, like hugging, greeting through handshakes and sharing food off the same plate, should be mindfully restricted. 

    Make Your Wedding Planners and Vendors Follow a Strict Protocol 

    Since small businesses will be adversely affected by the lockdown, you can seize this opportunity to work with them ? while encouraging them to endorse strict protocols. Amidst the outbreak and the uncertainty, local business owners are willing to go out of the way to cater to customers who are still willing to pay for their services. 

    Thus, if you know of a local wedding planner, contact them to set a wedding based on your favorite theme in the garden you have booked or spotted. Make sure that they are wearing masks and using gloves while setting up the event. Moreover, have them limit the number of laborers that will be involved in the set-up. This is a great time to explore modern, yet minimalistic themes ? with intriguing and few centerpieces. Carefully overlook the arrangements, and if you see someone sick ? coughing with high fever ? politely ask them to leave the premises immediately. 

    As far as the food is concerned, contact a trusted local vendor who can prepare fully cooked meals in a hygienic environment. With restaurants closing down and public gatherings being limited, people are desperate to sell out their remaining supplies. Opt for local, delicious cuisines. And help set up a long, widespread table so that your guests can eat comfortably without fearing the droplets infecting your food. Place hand sanitizers and have access to a bathroom so that guests can wash their hands before eating.  

    Each Guest Should Be Mindful and Aware 

    In the end, each person must take it as their obligation to limit the contagion by being a part of the event, yet keeping a distance of two meters (six feet) apart. Wear a mask or cough into your sleeve if you are feeling sick. And most importantly do not forget to practice hand hygiene and carry your sanitizer. Corona-virus is not an airborne disease, but you can get it if you do come in contact with the droplets. Thus, all precautionary measures should be taken to prevent any kind of exposure or contamination.

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