Top 10 photography tips for beginners

Have you always have had a knack of capturing moments? This blog contains important tips that will enable you to see opportunities you never noticed before. Continue reading to surprise yourself.

1.Do not buy expensive equipment

Avoid going crazy being the most expensive photography in the initial stage. You should keep in mind that it is possible to get nice photos with inexpensive equipment as well. The more photos you take, the better you will understand what kind of camera you need to get and when it is time for an upgrade

2. Get a tripod

Consider buying a tripod especially if you have shaky hands. Even an inexpensive tripod is worth getting as it can get better quality pictures with its help. Using your camera�s timer function with a tripod can give you more stability, skyrocketing your satisfaction with the shots being taken.

3. Carry your camera all the time

Keep your camera with you all the time, photo options often come when you least expect it. Try to keep your equipment relatively simple with just a small camera bag and a tripod, so that you might be able to take advantage of unexpected opportunities. You may also use your phone’s camera when you need and return with your camera to the spot some other time.

4. Make a list of shots you would like to take

For those times you cannot afford to carry your camera around, take down notes in your phone or notebook of the places you would like to come back and photograph. Write down details of the sort of lighting that you may need so that you can come back at a time when the weather is right.

5. Observe every possible subject carefully

Do not overlook mundane subjects because it is highly likely that you may not see anything interesting at places where you are used to living. Efficient observing may help you spot unexpected subjects right in your living room or the backyard.

6. Cherish the overall learning process

The best part of having a career like photography is to never run out of topics to learn. Once you start looking at everything around you with the eyes of a photographer, you can find inspiration all around you. 

7. Experiment with the camera settings

Knowing about all the settings provided by your camera will automatically make you feel more comfortable while shooting. Start by reading the manual and then try shooting a subject with multiple settings and effects of your choice.

8. Know the basic rules

Learning all the information about photography at a go can be overwhelming. Begin by honing the basic techniques and then get involved with the ones suggested by more experienced photographers

9. Practice photography regularly

Taking photos regularly, almost every day. This can be a great way to motivate yourself. If that is not always possible for you, then schedule your timings of shoot for the week.

10. Apply for a photography course

Then, if you really want to learn about most of the processes that go on behind the perfect photos, opt for a professional degree. You can take advantage of the educational resources available online.

Enrolling onto the HNC photography course can be a good option for you to begin your photography journey. Look out for 2020 intake window!

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