How does a flower shop take photos of a bouquet?

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    Flowers is an expression of love you share with loved ones in every occasion, such as valentines? days, birthday, weddings, or on unique events. Flowers are very pleasing to an eye and it shows love to people. Recently, I have bought bouquet from a one of the best flower shop in Hong Kong and after speaking to an amazing florist, she had advised me to buy one bouquet which my friend would like. She also shared some experiences about shooting bouquets. This article is about different techniques of taking photos of the beautiful bouquets.?

    Whenever a flower shop buys some flowers and flowers from a flower market, in order to promote their products, the flower shop will take some photos of flowers. There are different techniques of taking photos of bouquets, for example taking a photo of a lady holding a bouquet. 

    Do you know how photographer or operators working in flower shop take pictures of beautiful bouquet? A tip for on how to take pictures of a lady holding a bouquet. Firstly, the lady should feel the bouquet in the hand and try to find a comfortable position to hold and balance it. Secondly, your image should have a clear focal point. For example, you can only focus only on the lady and bouquet and behind should be blur by using the technique of wider aperture on your lens. The picture would be snapped perfecting by having a great contrasting colors, while using wider aperture on your lenses and it is great idea to shoot the picture at f/1.8 or f/1.4. Thirdly, it is particularly important to set the camera at the different position, so amazing picture could be taken. For example, you can lay down and take the picture of the lady holding the bouquet at tilted angle. Lastly, if you would like to take an incredible picture then you should have a great imagination and you should compose a scenery in mind before taking the picture.  

    Do you know how florist take photo of a vase bouquet? If you have not learned, then let me share few steps with you to snap a stunning vase bouquet. Taking a photography of vase bouquet is challenging as florist must keep lot of aspects in mind to take a great picture. For example, you need to keep an eye on the reflection of the vase, so the picture would not be blur or distorted. Firstly, you should try to use natural sunlight if possible because the sunlight will be filtered through clouds which helps to lessen any type of hot spots on the vase. Secondly, it is important to use a tripod to keep the camera steady. Thirdly, I would highly recommend buying image stabilization lens, so you the picture would not be distorted. Lastly, you need to play with the camera setting and change the backdrops as well.?

    Florist loves taking pictures on an elegant sunset beach during teatime and having bouquet of flowers with them? Florist makes sure the lightings are perfect for that moment to take the picture. They highly recommends to buy filter lens with image stabilization lens which will help to take a clear picture during sunset time. Also, it is preferable to buy a tripod, so you could set the camera at steady and right position so it would be easier to take a photo. 

    There are various styles of bouquet and every style has a unique way of shooting the picture. For example, if you are taking Hydrangea Florist slower than you would use zoom lens which helps to take great photos. Another example, if you are taking Beloved bouquet than you could use extensions tubes which fits between the camera and lens and it would make the subject to become very closer as it would look like you can feel it. Do you have the skills to take pictures of bouquets? Hurry up and try it out, you can also take pictures as beautiful as a florist.

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