What Makes Dubai An Attractive Destination For Businesses

    dubai attractive businesses

    Dubai remains to be amongst the fast-growing business destinations around the globe. Within just 40 years, we have witnessed the Emirate turning into world?s leading business, lifestyle, and travel hub. There are some of the top companies of the world that have set up their offices here now and there are many new businesses that launch in the Emirate every single day. 

    In the bid to realize the vision to bring true diversification to its economy, the government of the UAE has taken so many steps and implemented lots of administrative and economic policies. Besides the environmental and cultural benefits on offer here, these aforementioned policies have really helped to transform Dubai into an attractive destination for the thriving businesses. As a result, Dubai has become second largest state in the Western Asia when it comes receiving foreign direct investment. 

    You may be wondering what exactly is that makes Dubai an attractive destination for businesses? Well, here we have listed top most reasons behind that.


    Dubai enjoys a wonderful strategic location in the region, allowing both startups and major organizations to have the opportunity of conducting business easily and in a cost-efficient manner. They can have easy access to 3 different continents including Asia, Africa and Europe. The huge coastline of the Emirate also eases transportation as well while reducing the costs of industrial development to a significant extent. 

    2. Infrastructure

    The Emirate provides businesses with lots of top-of-the-line amenities as well as commercial facilities such as retail stores, offices, and the manufacturing units. For expanding the existing coastline of the city, Dubai has now built the largest manmade harbor of the world named Port Jebel Ali. There are some manmade islands that reside here as well with the likes of Palm islands and The World and they all join hands to allow businesses to provide their customers with an exclusive and luxurious experience in one way or another. 

    3. Business-Friendly Policies

    Now, that?s where most businesses find Dubai better than any other part of the world. The startups in Dubai are provided with lots of support and add-on services from the government. Their zero-tax policies are the most popular across the entire region as well. The companies that register here are entitled to exemption from a variety of taxes like value-added tax, personal income tax, corporate tax, and capital gains tax. Furthermore, businesses can take advantage of the free zones being set up in the Emirate as they offer complete foreign ownership and lowest import duties. 

    4. Manpower Is Easily Available

    With attractive salaries as well as high-end living experience offered in Dubai, the Emirate attracts a large influx of skilled human resources. People from all over the world come to Dubai for finding a high-paid job and a luxury lifestyle. The UAE government also takes the opportunity to invest in some major training facilities as well to help the workforce in this part of the world become more efficient and competent. With skilled human capital, businesses are able to save a lot and often don?t have to invest too much in training their workers. 

    5. Quality Of Life

    The Emirate takes pride in being a quickly rising cosmopolitan city which is almost already competing with top cities of the world with the likes of New York, Paris and London. With high-profile malls and luxury 5-star hotels available here, Dubai has built its reputation among the top luxury destinations across Middle East. With this reputation, the Emirate has been able to attract a huge influx of high-spending individuals who, in turn, have attracted some major international brands like Gucci, Marks and Spencer, Prada, and Bloomingdales to this region.? They?re already synonymous to luxury lifestyle and have helped raise the quality of life in this part of the world.?

    All these major reasons, and many more along the list, make it a great choice for businesses to set up their operations in Dubai. Even setting up an office in one of the Dubai?s free zones can help businesses put themselves on the ladder to success. Just look into the process and get things started right away.

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