9 Benefits of Living in the Suburbs

Living in Suburbs

In the past couple of decades, everybody started migrating to city areas. At that time, it made perfect sense. People had the chance to choose from various job positions, they were offered bigger salaries, they were close to all the action, and, of course, close to all the amenities one would need. However, as everybody started moving to urban areas, all the cities got crowded and polluted. Nowadays, living conditions are not as ideal as they used to be. Because of that, suburbs have made a resurgence! But, that is not the only reason why so many people are relocating to the suburbs. Thus, if you are interested in some of the benefits of moving to and living in the suburbs, keep on reading.

Benefit #1 – You Will Get More Space For Your Money

Suburbs simply offer more space. It is easier to spread out. And, when we say ‘spread out’, we mean that its easier to grow your business, start and expand your family, and simply to feel comfortable in your living space. The closer you get to a city center, or to a metropolitan area, the smaller living spaces tend to be. Thus, if you are getting tired of living in Lilliputian apartments and spending a fortune on it, consider moving to a nice house in the suburbs, and to do it for the same amount of money. You can even estimate your moving costs online, so be sure to get your quote and find a moving agency accordingly.

Benefit #2 – Housing is More Affordable

Maybe one of the most important reasons that so many people are moving from cities to suburbs is money. That is, the ability to buy more with the same amount of money. It is true, for the same amount you would spend for a studio apartment in NYC, for example, you would be able to buy an entire house in the suburbs. Yes, a house with three or four bedrooms. So, why not consider leaving a city such as New York for good, and improve the quality of your life in the suburbs? 

Benefit #3 – Say Goodbye to Crowds, Long Lines, and Traffic Jams

When you think about all those crowds and traffic jams on the streets, those long lines in supermarkets, stores, and even restaurants, how do you feel?  Annoyed, stressed and tuckered out, right? Probably! Nobody is a fan of those things. That brings us to our next benefit of living in the suburbs – no crowds. As there are fewer people living there, there will be a lot less rubber-necking. In the suburbs, you can say goodbye to crowds, lines and traffic congestions.

Benefit #4 – More Privacy

As mentioned before, fewer people live in the suburbs. And, those who live there have bigger homes and yards. So, if you choose to buy or even rent a home in the suburbs, be sure that the first thing you see when you open your window will not be your neighbor. Moreover, you will notice that even the streets and parks are less crowded. Yes, going for a run or for a walk peacefully, without bumping into lot of people, is possible in the suburbs. So, if you like what you hear, look for some house moving tips, and prepare for the next, more private, chapter of your life.

Benefit #5 – There Are All the Amenities You Might Need

In the past, living in the suburbs was similar to living in villages, or some other rural areas. There were no schools, banks, post offices, restaurants, bars, shops, etc. However, today, the suburbs have all the amenities one would need for a comfortable lifestyle. This is because so many millennials have migrated from cities into the suburbs and changed their development. Today, a suburb can be compared to a smaller town.

Benefit #6 – There Are More Green Spaces

Yes, New York City has Central Park. But, overall, that city is a concrete jungle more than anything else. To be honest, all major cities are slowly becoming concrete jungles. Forests, meadows, and parks are being removed in order for new buildings to be built. It has always been like that in the cities. But, in the suburbs, you can still enjoy green spaces and areas. You will always be a couple of minutes away from the park, or even be lucky enough to have your own ‘park’ in your back yard.

Benefit #7 – It is Much Safer

Besides the ability to find affordable housing, and all the things mentioned above, safety is also one of the major reasons why so many people are moving from cities to suburbs. And, why? Well, it goes without saying that cities will always have higher crime rates than suburbs. And, that is not a good thing to hear if you have a family, or plan to start one soon.

Benefit #8 – Suburbs Have Better Education Systems

Of course, in the past, people used to move from small towns, suburbs, and villages, to bigger cities in search of better education. It was necessary, as we all know that education is the key to success! And, yes, the best schools were always located in bigger cities. However,  everything has changed when all those millennials started moving back to the suburbs. Nowadays, you and your children have a wide range of schools to pick in almost any suburb and neighborhood. What is more, suburbs not only have higher-rated schools than larger cities but are also much safer.

Benefit #9 – It is Healthier

And, the last but definitely not the least benefit of living in the suburbs is health. And, what can be more important than health? So, how can your health improve when living in the suburbs? Well, it is rather simple. Suburbs will always have something that cities do not – fresh air. Yes, you will be able to enjoy the fresh air as there are fewer vehicles and fewer people. What is more, you will be able to go for a walk in nature, bike, hike and take advantage of all those trails and parks. Because of all this, your life will be laid-back and stress-free.

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