Why it?s important to put the right rug in the right place

Outdoor rugs

Rugs are a great way to soften any space and create a certain ambiance or atmosphere. While rugs are most commonly seen indoors, they are becoming increasingly popular outdoors. We?ve put together a little guide to ensure you don?t get your outdoor rugs confused with your indoor ones, and can pick the perfect rug for each space.

Even the right rug, won?t work in the wrong place. Location is key when placing your rug. You wouldn?t put your dining table out on your deck, so that?s why you need to ensure you have a dedicated rug for your outdoor areas.

Indoor rugs are usually created with softer materials like wool. Outdoor rugs, however, will be created with more durable, sturdy materials. An outdoor rug is much more likely to be exposed to dirt and dust as well as different weather conditions. You want materials that won?t fade in the sun, are a little water-resistant and can stand high traffic. Save those delicate luxurious rugs for the indoors. Synthetic materials like polyester and nylon will stand the test of time and use outdoors. You can also opt for tougher natural materials like jute or sisal. These are derived from plants so they will look and feel good. If going for natural materials keep in mind any excess moisture can cause damage and deterioration.

The size of your rug should depend on what area it resides in too. In larger rooms like the living room, shorter sized rugs might make your living room look lacking and empty. Go for a larger rug that will fit your room better and make the space feel cozy. Place it right in the center of your living room making it a focal point of the room.

Make sure your outdoor rugs fit your space too. You will usually have a little more room to play around with compared to the indoors. Choose large rugs that will fit under your entire furniture settings. Place your rugs in areas that you want to bring more attention to outdoors. For special occasions, you can even place rugs over the grass to create a setting that isn?t refined to decking or your patio.

Get the most out of your rugs and boost the ambiance in your settings with the right choice and perfect placement. From indoors to out, create a well-designed, cosy, and seamless flow.

Outdoor carpets and garden rugs are particularly versatile and multi-functional: their cheerful colors provide a fresh variety and their flat surface for pleasant living comfort. Outdoor carpets are a real eye-catcher and balcony or terrace carpets are an absolute must-have for the outdoor season if everyone wants a cozy barbecue evening. Pastel or gray carpets bring out the cozy atmosphere of the living room in a beautiful way, while also emphasizing all types of patio furniture, from classic wooden furniture to modern rattan furniture. The possibilities for using flat woven carpets are much broader than just outside; also inside (for example kitchen carpet or in the form of a sisal carpet) these dirt-resistant carpets prove their abilities and at the same time create a fashionable image.

Outdoor carpets and garden rugs are made of robust materials and can withstand wind and weather. The basis for this is highly resistant and maintenance-friendly synthetic fibers that convince with their durability and long service life. Firstly, they are tear-resistant, retain their shape and, thanks to their fiber structure, they absorb little moisture, which is also quickly released into the outside air. That is why synthetic fibers are also suitable for round carpets or bath mats. Thanks to their good properties, synthetic fibers are very suitable for outside and for indoor areas that are used heavily. Moreover, a plastic carpet is absolutely light-resistant and retains its light colors even after exposure to sunlight. By carefully vacuuming or beating, this carpet can be easily cleaned and you can continue to enjoy it.

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