5 Things to Know Before you subscribe to YouTube TV

    subscribe youtube tv

    The world has taken chilling as an ultimate meaning to binge watch their favorite TV show or have a fun weekend with their friends watching their favorite movies on streaming nonstop. As the people demand these facilities various channels and applications have stepped up with convenient features to provide their favorite user what they want. One such channel is YouTube TV. While YouTube is undoubtedly one of the most popular applications all around the world for people of all ages. Whether you want to watch an episode of your favorite drama, listen to a song or learn a recipe, YouTube has it all covered! Moreover, the YouTube TV promo code is a win win situation to invest minimum and get unlimited content to stream endlessly.

    Before you get yourself all amped to sign up for YouTube TV, here are 5 things you need to know:

    1. Live Streams

    The YouTube TV channel list depends on your place in the US from various sports channels, Disney channels, BBC channels, Discovery channels, and many more. To find out the exact channels in your area, you can enter your ZIP code on the YouTube TV site.

    2. Flexible interface

    YouTube TV is compatible with almost all the devices. You can watch it on your TV, your mobile phones, tablets, laptops and even computers. Some of the supported TV devices are Android TV, Apple TV, Samsung and LG TVs 2016 onwards.

    3. Up To 6 Subscriptions

    One of the most admired features by the users. YouTube TV is a full flash family package with an ability to provide up to 6 users from a single subscription. From different sports channels, Disney channels, BBC channels, Discovery channels, and many more, the YouTube TV channel list depends on your location in the US. You can enter your ZIP code on the YouTube TV site to find out the exact channels in your area.

    4. YouTube TV is not Ad Free

    YouTube TV does not allow you to watch Ad free TV, You do see the advertisements that can’t be missed on TV, so you can pause and quick-forward later to catch up to the live TV. Ads can be simply fast-forwarded on captured images.

    YouTube TV has now launched a masthead ad box at the top, in addition to TV advertising and YouTube ads. For the viewer, this may sound like bad news, but fantastic news for the advertisers. YouTube TV advertisements have a 10 percent higher recall relative to linear TV, according to Google.

    5. YouTube TV user experience is commendable

    The YouTube TV guide has a list of channels available with a live preview of what is currently being aired. If you’re using your landscape computer, you can also see what’s next in the breeze. The replication is really similar to YouTube. With search results from channels and YouTube, the search is user-friendly.

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