Signs to Know If Your Vehicle Needs an Auto Repair Service

    auto repair service

    There are certain reactions and sounds that you could ignore while driving. However, the ones listed in this article require quick auto repair if you want your vehicle to remain on the road. Note that it is essential to service your car frequently, and it should be done according to the vehicle’s manufacturer’s manual.

    Notwithstanding, here are some of the warning signs that mean your car requires an auto repair service.

    auto repair service

    1. Engine Warning Light

    Modern vehicles are manufactured to give signals when they need to be checked. If a yellow light shows on the dashboard, it means the engine needs to be checked. Different issues could have caused the light to show up. So, you need to contact your mechanic immediately. It could also mean that your car is due for servicing. This should not get you worried and don’t ignore the signal for a longer period, to avoid unnecessary spending.

    2. Strange Noises

    Strange noises coming from the car should be checked immediately because the noise can easily develop into some other serious issues. Here are some of the strange noises you may hear from your car:

    • Loud exhaust noise – This could be a crack in the exhaust. This may look so easy to fix, but it should be checked immediately to avoid your exhaust from falling off.
    • Noise from under the bonnet – This is caused by a loose belt, and it can lead to other issues like overheating and battery problems
    • Uneven engine noise – This can be easily heard when the car is idling. It may be that the car engine is misfiring and needs repair. Replacing spark plugs could be an immediate solution, also the noise could mean a more serious issue with how the engine handles fuel or air mixture. 
    • Metal on metal – Scraping sound from the vehicle needs to be checked as soon as possible. It could mean that a of the vehicle is broken and scraping on something else. This could lead to extra damage on both parts.
    • Crunching gears – Gearboxes have lots of wear and tear, so the fluids and other parts need to be replaced often. If you hear any crunching sound when you have just replaced your gear, then know it’s time to get the car serviced. 

    3. Vibrating under braking

    This could be caused by suspension problems, faulty steering, worn brake discs or pads. When issues like this happen, know that your car is not safe to drive. Get it serviced immediately before taking it back on the road. These symptoms can also be caused by tire wear, so it means you need to have a tire of at least 1.6mm. Also, make sure they are not wearing unevenly.

    4. Minimized ride comfort

    If you discover that speed bumps are becoming an issue for you, your vehicle is riding too low, you can hear your tires scraping on the wheel arch, then check it out before it gets out of hand. These symptoms mean there is an issue with your suspension.


    These and many more are signs that your car needs an auto repair service. However, to keep your car in perfect condition, you need to make sure you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and service the car regularly.

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