Steps to Take that Will Make Your Moving Process Easier

Planning to move out of state is exciting. It’s also a stressful thing to go through. You need help to make it all happen. All your things need to go from where you are, to where you need to move. If you’re moving with your things in a van that you’re driving, you might even need help with that. Here are five tips to make it all go easier.

The Tips that Help

These tips offer you the best guidance for your move. Adjust them to match your trip, but remember that the details can be the difference between success and a stressful move.

1. Pack Carefully

2. Get your estimate in writing if you use a moving company.

3. Consider packing crates.

4. Have someone move your car there for you.

5. There are free box options available.

There are several ways to move. You can use a moving van that you drive. There are moving companies that can handle everything for you. Some of those moving companies are really cheap. They bring a crate to move your things into. They then transport those to your new home. There are times when moving your car through a professional car moving company makes more sense. You can get moving material for free. Here is a breakdown of the details for each tip.

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1.  Packing Tips

It’s so important to pack things carefully. Your things need bubble-wrapping around them when they are fragile. You can substitute paper for bubble wrap, but bubble wrap is the most essential thing to use to give you the greatest chance to move things safely.

Consider marking your boxes according to the room they belong in. That way, you don’t have to play ?where’s that box,? once you arrive. Box the fragile things in boxes together. Write fragile on the outside of each of those boxes. Placing styrofoam around those things, inside the boxes, helps to protect them more.

2.  Get Your Estimate in Writing

If you go with a moving company, make sure you get a written estimate of the costs before they arrive. That way, you can contest additional charges after you arrive. This is even more significant if they charge by the hour. Most moving companies do that. Ask them to write what they believe the time frame will be for your size of home. That way, if they try to charge for more than an hour’s difference, you can contest it. That saves you a lot of money.

3.  Packing Crate Companies

Consider companies that bring a crate to you. You then pack it yourself, and they move that crate to your new doorstep. You unpack it yourself. It saves you so much money. In some cases, you can save more than half the cost of the move. The critical part is judging how much help you’ll need with packing the crate. In some cases, it might be cheaper to just hire a moving company instead.

What About My Car?

If you want to go the moving van route yourself, you’ll want to consider how to move your car. It turns out that there are car shipping companies that will take your car and move it to your desired destination for you. That way, you can save money by moving your own home. Just have someone else move the car there. It’s a huge saving to your moving costs.

4.  Free Packing Materials

There are agencies available to help you move. Search for help in your state-to-state move. They can give you free moving materials. In fact, you can receive grants in your state for moving costs if you are under a certain income bracket. Search for those grants in your state. Just make sure that you have lived in your state for a certain amount of time. Do this before the move. Once you leave the state, that new state requires a certain amount of time for residency status.

All of these tips provide guidance for your big move. You can easily move out of state with them, and save a lot of money throughout the process. In some cases, you might even be able to move for free with all the grants that are available.

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