A complete guide to Monument Signs

Monument sign is a unique signage type. A key difference between monument sign and other signages lies in the establishment. Common sign boards are secured on poles, pillars, and walls. On the other hand monument signs remain fixed to the ground. Undoubtedly, huge base structures support monument signs.

Monument signs stand tall on the thick base established on the ground. Furthermore these signages do not require poles or walls for support. As a result, key locations and buildings prefer this type of signage. Design stone monument signs are without a doubt a depiction of strength. These signs make identification from a distance easy.

Why are monument signs preferred?

All key tourist places have monument signages installed. Monument signs display names of heritage buildings. Let us have a look at the reasons behind popularity of monument signs:

  1. Closer to Ground – Monument signs are close to the ground. The direct line of sight makes it a go to signage type. Because of this, viewers or commuters can easily see monument signage. So the height of monument signs makes it popular.
  2. Weather Resistant – Heavy rains, winds or harsh weather can damage sign boards. However weather related damage is not a concern for monument signs. These monuments are like strong pillars.
  3. Acceptance – These signs are popular across the globe. Clearly, all industries use monument signs. Therefore, the acceptance rate for monument signs is high.
  4. Flexibility – Shopping centers, individual shops, hospitals, etc. choose this sign type. Clearly, the flexibility provided by monument signs is immense.
  5. Customization – The biggest advantage of monument signs is customization. These sign boards are capable of hundred percent customization. As a result, every aspect of monument signs can incorporate personal preferences.
  6. Variety – Monument signs come in different sizes, colors, and materials. Hence, these signs support great variety.

Types of monument signs:

Now, after knowing about the basics of monument signs and its benefits, it is time to learn about the various types of monument signs. The monument signs are available in several varieties.

Following is a small list providing information about the types of monument signs:

  1. Illuminated monument signs – Illuminated monument signs are a popular type of monument signage. As suggested by the name, these signs create a visual impact through light. Due to which, this sign is common on highways. Clearly, they are visible from a distance. Within illuminated signs comes various options. Some are bright colored digital signs, while others possess simple lighting.
  2. Outdoor directory signs – Mainly used for identification purposes. The outdoor directory sign is comparatively small in size. Having said that, these are permanent signs. Due to which they create a substantial impact on the viewers.
  3. Pylon signs – The pylon signs provide multiple information in a creative manner. For instance, in a shopping complex there are various stores. In order to display most of the brand names available at the location, pylon signs are used. They are visible to passersby. Moreover, these are budget-friendly and very impactful.
  4. Post and panel signs – Prevalent in single organizations. The post and panel signs are chosen by big organizations. The aim is to highlight the business location. Due to this, post and panel signs are common in commercial areas.
  5. Single building monument signs – Stand alone buildings opt for single building monument signs. Hotels, resorts, banquet halls, etc are the locations for single building signs. These signs also display the business logos.

Who uses monument signs?

After being aware of the types of monument signs, it is important to know about users of monument signs.

Monument signs are different from other sign types. It’s uniqueness makes it suitable for several industries and locations, such as:

  1. Churches – They mostly use monument signs. The idea is identification from a distance. Numerous people visit a church. Churches are also a tourist attraction. As a result, monument signs become a convenient way of standing out.
  2. Sport Venues – Stadiums are located on the outskirts. In order to locate them easily, sports venues prefer monument signs. While the visitors are not many, sport venues are still a significant part of any location.
  3. Apartment Complex – Big apartment complexes built closer to highways use monument signs. The aim is to be visible from a distance.
  4. Medical Campus – Hospitals are one place which need visibility all the time. Emergency situations turn tragic when hospitals are tough to locate. This is exactly why most hospitals go for monument signs.
  5. Entertainment Zones – Water parks, theme parks, cinema halls, etc are entertainment zones. They specifically choose customized monument signs for better visibility.


After reading through it all, you will have knowledge about all the key aspects of monument signs. Basically monument signs developed on the idea of less is more.

To conclude, this sign type speaks about the magnanimity of a place. The design is a reflection of strength. Brand building is the aim of monument signs. The aim is to create an unforgettable impact.

Monument signs are flexible, attractive, and attention grabbing signs. They can take a business to new heights. So if you have been thinking of getting signage for your organization, it is time to explore monument signs.

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