How to Find the Best-Fitting Bridesmaid Dress

Being engaged and planning for your wedding day is one of the most exciting times of a woman’s life. Everything from the engagement photos to the honeymoon trip gets carefully designed to make your day memorable for you, the groom, and each of your guests. Every detail is put in place and for execution for your day to go off without a hitch. That includes selecting bridesmaids who will be there to support you on your special day. Continue reading to discover bridesmaids’ duties and how to pick the best fitting bridesmaid dresses.

Although everyone has a different idea about the duties of a bridesmaid, traditionally, they are selected to help the maid or matron of honor assist the bride in any way make the day special. They are assigned to help plan bridal showers, shop with the bride for a dress, help the bride pick stationery, and even attend tastings if necessary.

picking bridesmaids dresses

As a bride, you can decide how many bridesmaids that you want. However, many brides know that the more bridesmaids they have, the more hassle they will have selecting dresses, shoes, hairstyles, and anything else on which she needs a consensus. When it comes to picking bridesmaids dresses, some tips to help pick the best fitting dresses are:

Keep All Shapes In Mind

It takes a lot of work to ensure that all your bridesmaids are the same size. If you see someone with bridesmaids the same size, you must wonder if that selection was based on size or closeness to the bride. That is because it’s rare to find a group of women who are all the same size.

When considering bridesmaid dresses, keep the shapes of brides in mind. All dresses won’t flatter everyone’s body, and it isn’t much you can do about that. However, don’t pick a dress that will make your bridesmaids look dowdy or feel uncomfortable.

Consider the Cost

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to a bride that her bridesmaids have different budgets. Therefore, do not pick bridesmaid dresses that will break the bank. One way to do this is to ask your bridesmaids what they are comfortable spending on a bridesmaid dress. As you start shopping, asking how much they can spend on a bridesmaid dress will give you a range.

There is another thing that a bride can do if she has a friend who she wants with her at the altar but is on a tight budget. That is telling her friend that she will help her pay for her dress. Offering to help a bridesmaid pay for should be done discreetly, without the other bridesmaids knowing. This allows you to avoid accommodating one bridesmaid and possibly getting ill-fitting dresses for all.

In addition to the dress, if as the bride, you want the bridesmaids to wear certain accessories, give those to each bridesmaid as a gift.

Let Each Bridesmaid Select Her Own Dress

Many bridesmaid dress manufacturers make dresses using the same fabric in different patterns. They will allow each bridesmaid to pick her dress and ensure that the dress colors all match. Each bridesmaid picking her dress works particularly well if you have bridesmaids who live in different states. They can go to their local bridal store and try dresses from that same manufacturer or bolt of fabric that fits their shape.

Another option to ensure that dresses are flattering is considering the wrap bridesmaid dress. Since it is a convertible, each bridesmaid can wear her dress differently from the others and ensure that she looks great in it, without paying for alterations. The benefit of the wrap dress for bridesmaids is being able to wear it later in a new way, making it look like a new dress.

Consider Your Venue

While a beautiful dress is a lovely dress, you want to make sure that the bridesmaid dresses that you select match the decor of the venue chosen. That means you don’t want a rustic barnyard reception with Victorian-style bridesmaid dresses. Alternately, you don’t want a beach wedding and have bridesmaids in heavy tulle layered dresses. When you start shopping for bridesmaid dresses, keep the venue in mind


As you have read, shopping for bridesmaid dresses must be done with care and consideration for each of your bridesmaids. Some ways to select the best-fitting bridesmaid?s dresses are listed above.

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