5 Services Your HOA Can Use to Improve your Community

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Living in a community with an HOA or homeowner?s association can help you to make sure that your property is looking the best that it can and that you have access to many different amenities. HOA services should include things to help encourage the community to work better and to look better. The more services that your HOA offers, the better it will be for you and your community. Keeping the area looking great will help to enhance property values and help to keep bad elements away from the area.


Landscaping can be difficult to deal with, especially if you do not have a green thumb. Simple things like just mowing the grass can become tedious if you work a busy schedule. One thing an HOA can do to help you with this is to hire a landscaping service. Many HOA?s will hire a landscaping service to mow grass and maintain everyone?s lawn. This will be great to make sure that you are following all the HOA rules when it comes to keeping the grass mowed and what flowers and plants you can plant.

Street Sweeping

Streets in your community can get cluttered with leaf matter, branches, and other debris. This can make things like riding bikes very dangerous. To help improve the safety and look of the community, your HOA should do street sweeping. Street sweeping includes using a machine to get rid of all the debris that may be piling up on the road. When you get street sweeping in Fort Worth TX, you will not have to worry about any debris being in the road that may puncture a tire or cause an accident when bike riding. There are many companies out there that specialize in street sweeping, and that can help keep your roads clean.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing can be very time-consuming, but it is a necessary thing when the HOA wants to keep the homes in the area looking nice. You may not always be able to pressure clean your home for many different reasons. Purchasing a pressure washer is expensive, and if you do have one, you might not be able to find the time to get it done. Before long, homes in the community can start looking dingy. This is especially true if you are living in an area that is humid. Instead of allowing homeowners to deal with this themselves, your HOA should offer pressure washing services. The pressure washing service can come out every six months or so and take care of each home in the community. This can be a great way to keep the community looking bright and polished without everyone having to pressure wash their own homes.


In today?s world, you need as much security as you get. While home security systems are great, in some cases, they fail. An HOA that wants to make sure that its community stays safe should hire a security team. This security team should be able to patrol the community 24/7 and be able to respond to any calls for assistance. They should actively monitor for people who should not be in the community and any disturbances. In addition to security guards, an HOA can offer to put in fencing and gates and offer home security systems for people that do not have them.

Trash Pick Up and Recycling

While many cities and towns offer trash pick up, if your area does not, your HOA should come up with a plan to offer trash pick up and recycling. This will help the community from becoming cluttered and filled with trash. Recycling will also help to promote wellness and a sense of being green within the community. An HOA will also want to offer to pick up large items. For example, if you have decided to get a new couch, your HOA should have someone that hauls off these large items for you.

If you are curious about whether your HOA offers any of these ideas, you can call them or send them an email. If they do not offer the services, you can suggest them to them. Encourage them by telling them that all of these options will help to enhance the community and make it a better place to live.


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