The Best Door Security Bars

    Door Security Bars

    Today we will be discussing about the best door bars security available in the market. These devices vary in style, materials & price andchoosing them depends on your personal security requirements, your lifestyle and your budget.

    So let?s first discuss what is a door security bar?

    A door security bar is a long piece of metal, steel or plastic tube that braces against the floor and the doorknob. The foot of a door bar clings to the ground preventing it from opening if someone attempts to force their way in. It is quite easy and simple safety measure that needs only a single piece of equipment.

    Where can you use door security bars?

    You can use door security bars on all types of doors. A variety of door bars are available right from solid wood, oak and wooden door bar. It?s an ideal accessory for security. Whether you need it for the standard hinged doors of your small apartment or for the sliding doors, glass doors and patio doors, security door bars are a perfect option.

    Why you should buy door security bars?

    A great reason to consider purchasing a door bar is the fact that they give you the privacy and security without causing any hazard. In case of any emergency, all you have to do is lift it away from your door, unlock the door and zip out. It quite safer than fixing a series of time consuming and complicated door bars.

    Conclusively door bars are a super easy and inexpensive way to take your security system a notch higher.

    What are best security bar options?

    So finally let?s take a look at the different types and brands of door security bars available in the market today. With each type of door bar you get different features, so knowing what they offer will help in making the best decision for your doors. Let?s take look at the five different types of door security bars.

    1.       Buddybar Jammer

    It is known widely as one of the toughest bars available. It is made from the solid steel material and can hold over two thousand pounds of force. Since it has no plastic it is more secure and durable and you can use it on virtually all types of doors.Hence it is little expensive than the plastic door bars.

    2.       Ideal Security Patio Door Bar

    It is specifically designed for sliding doors with the most captivating feature that allows it to be installed in the middle of the sliding door instead of the floor. This means you do not need to bend over to move the door bar whenever you go outside. This door comes equipped with a childproof lock, is inexpensive and is also adjustable.

    3.       Master Lock Bar

    It can be used on both hinged and sliding doors. It is inexpensive and comes equipped with a ball joint which makes sure the door bars foot comes in a contact with the floor no matter how it?s lined up. It also quite easy to use and inexpensive to replace if any of the plastic pieces break.

    4.       Door Bar Pro Steel Security Bar

    It is a professional security bar which comes with a lifetime warranty. It is specifically designed for hinged doors and can accommodate up to 24-48 inches wide door. It sits above the knob of the door and hence, you do not need to bend over while removing or placing the bar. It is easy to install, reliable and effective in keeping intruders away.

    5.       Brinks Commercial Security Bar

    It is designed to accommodate both sliding and hinged doors and is made of steel construction. Brinks Commercial Security Bar is an affordable option with a lifetime warranty. It?s a very good option for solid wood door bars, oak and wooden bars though not be the best choice for hardwood or tile floors.

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