7 best places that you can explore in Eugene

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Have you ever been to this beautiful city of Eugene? No? Then why don’t you plan a journey to this beautiful city that is ready to impress you completely. Ask out your kids and closed ones once?. They will never say ‘No’ to this wonderful idea. 

Eugene has some of the world-famous charming tourist destinations, which include the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, the exciting Cascades Raptor Center, Mount Pisgah Arboretum, and much more. The city reflects its eternal beauty with a mix of outstanding sceneries. 

So, guys! Why don’t you plan to visit this beautiful city, once in life? You will get stunned by its scenic destinations. Want to visit Eugene? Book your tickets now from Allegiant Airlines Official Site.

Cascades Raptor Center

Opened as a nursing center for raptor birds, the Cascades Raptor Center is the central tourist attraction of the city. Visitors’ first reason to visit this center is to watch eagles, owls, hawks, and few others, chilling and getting praises from birders. 

If you are a student or a researcher of birds, the spot will be important for you. The center facility entertains its visitors through a variety of programs such as personal tours, kid-friendly workshops, and handler-led demonstrations.

Shelton McMurphey Johnson House

The beautifully crafted interior of the Shelton-McMurphy-Johnson house is here in Eugene to completely shock you! Built in 1888 for a doctor, the house sits perched on the slopes of Skinner Butte. The house is also registered on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. 

Get ready to mesmerize by its interior decor, which is styled with historical artifacts, furniture, and clothing. The spot is open for tourism and can be rented for special occasions like birthdays, parties, and other family functions. 

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Museum of Natural and Cultural History

Located at the campus of the University of Oregon, the Museum of Natural and Cultural History has an amazing collection of archaeological artifacts. The museum showcases around 100,000 fossils, a million archaeological artifacts and cultural objects, and an array of animal specimens which existed some millions year ago. 

For history buffs, the museum becomes a well of infinite knowledge. Are you one of them? Then come and visit this outstanding collection of archaeological objects. 

Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art

The ‘without windows’ Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art is the best place to admire the best artistry from the Pacific. The museum displays an extensive collection of American, Chinese, European, Japanese, and Korean art forms. 

The museum is committed to enthrall its visitors, who come here just as an ordinary visitor but depart as an art enthusiast. Don’t you think that you should also pay a visit to the museum and notice spell-bounding artistry? Then book your tickets at affordable rates from Allegiant Airlines. 

Eugene Saturday Market

Have you ever visited the Saturday market of Eugene? If not, then what is the waiting, folks? The market is a one-stop destination to taste the state’s delicacies and enjoy the culture of Eugene. 

The market is full of food vendors, local artisans, and amazing shops. But there is one more thing waiting for you! That’s the live performances and cultural events which are the jewel of this market. Guys! Book your journey tickets now from the official site of Allegiant Airlines.

Alton Baker Park

Every one of us wants a perfect outing, full of enjoyment and thrills! Right guys? Then Alton Baker Park is a perfect spot to find some chilling moments in the laps of serene nature. 

Come here and quality time with family and friends. Gather some rare cherishing moments that will decorate your smile forever. 

Hendricks Park?

One of the most beautiful tourist destinations of Eugene, Hendricks Park has a unique charm in it. People get lost in this beautiful arm of the city. Enjoy the splendorous beauty of the rhododendron flower!!!

In addition to the admirable rhododendrons, the garden features old-growth Douglas fir trees, undulating walking trails, and other native plant varieties. 

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