The Rock Chip Repair Guide

Debris constantly hits the windshield while driving, no matter which road you take. The only solution to this problem is the rock chip repair done professionally. You cannot go with a damaged windshield, not even with a minor crack, so there is no other option but to fix it.

A prompt same-day windshield replacement is highly essential to maintain safe driving. But the next big question is whether you should repair the damage or replace the windshield entirely?

What Is Rock Chip Repair?

It is a kind of damage that happens when a stone or debris hits the windscreen because of other cars, especially driving on a dry and sandy road. Some of the glass pieces usually come off, leaving a scar behind. These scars are called rock chip scars and are generally circular or semi-circular in shape.

Can You Drive With A Rock Chip?

It is not wise to drive with a rock chip for several reasons.

  • Any other damage when driving can lead to further deterioration of the windscreen putting the entire vehicle at risk.
  • In case of windshield breaks, all passengers risk exposure to shattered glass.
  • Rock chip windscreen can also shatter during a bumpy ride, and having infants while the drive would result in higher consequences.
  • Even if you meet a minor accident, the same could leave the driver without an eye if the shattered glass is nearby the driver.

These are the significant reasons why repairing a rock chip windshield is necessary.

How To Repair A Rock Chip?

Below are a few steps to know generally how the glass doctor would repair it. There are NEW DIY kits available, but it is better to see the glass doctor, so all rock chips are caught in the knick of time.

  • Peel the paper backing and attach the adhesive to both sides of the crack.
  • Mix the resin and fill the pedestal to the top that is the inner side of the windshield.
  • Fill the resin with the syringe until the crack is complete. Sometimes it is done halfway to avoid bubbles and start again.
  • Hold the syringe for a few minutes and take it out slowly until you see the resin has settled.
  • Don’t wipe; instead, put on a curing tape and leave it for some time. It allows the reason to settle and lets air bubbles escape.
  • Then pull away from the curing strip and scrape off any extra resin with the help of a blade.

Viola! The process is complete, and your rock chip scar is nowhere near sight.

Rock Chip Repair- Does It Save Money?

Rock chip repair saves money as repairing a small scar means minor work and payment. But if you want to replace the entire windshield, it would cost you significantly a lot. So here, the best answer is the same-day windshield replacement at the initial stage.

When Is Rock Chip Repair Necessary?

The rock chip repair is necessary when you can see cracks near the bottom of the windshield. You can ask for a windshield replacement. Moreover, hurry up if you see crashes over six inches and create a blurry vision while driving.


Your windshield comprises two layers of glass bonded by the plastic interlayer. If you have a rock chip scar, the debris has hit the windshield pretty severely. If you cannot do a DIY repair at home, make an appointment for a rock chip repair and take your car to the glass doctor. Evaluate what needs to be repaired or replaced as there are lots of lives at stake when even one damaged vehicle hits the road. So drive safe and opt for repair or replacement deemed necessary.

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