The Move Towards Electric Scooters

For The Earth

In recent times, there is a definite growing popularity of electric scooters as the mode of transport over other and more traditional options available on the market. There are quite many reasons behind this shift but apparently the single main reason behind this is due to it being an environmentally friendly option with the effect of pollution, destruction of nature and global warming felt around the world, more awareness has been created among people towards the steps that they can take in order to tackle this issue.

Electric scooters such as the Inokim basically run on electricity, therefore unlike the conventional vehicles that have combustion engines, there is no use of fossil fuels or the burning of them with these scooters. 

The vehicles with combustion engines quite literally run by the burning of fossil fuels such as petrol, which in turn emits greenhouse gasses that trap heat and eventually lead to global warming. And it will not be an exaggeration to claim that the earth is already suffering because of this. With the ice caps melting, the increase in global temperatures, it is high time to put a stop to this. While it is true that the large corporations are the major contributors to these pollutants, there is no denying the fact that individual steps may also lead to some level of success with enough awareness.

Other actions that people have been taking in order to combat this issue is by using public transportation instead of private vehicles, as well as changing towards other types of electric vehicles instead of those with combustion engines. In addition to this there are also other measures such as reduced or no use of plastic or related products, recycling what can be recycled, reusing, planting trees and other plants, bee keeping, using electric scooters such as inokem oxo.

The Growing Popularity of E-Scooters

There is an increased popularity and buying of electric scooters as compared to other types of electric vehicles. The very first reason begins with cost, as this is definitely cheaper than other forms of electric vehicles. More and more people are able to afford it and make the switch. Additionally the care and maintenance of electric scooters such as inokim oxo are much easier and easily managed as compared to those of other electric vehicles such as electric cars. Furthermore to add to these benefits the cost of recharging these batteries is much less. Additionally one can avoid the daily traffic and congestion on the inokim while also being the better option for short distance traveling. 

Public transport is the most efficient way at present to get to a required destination with not only the least economic strain but also the most beneficial method of travel when it comes to environmental health. Public transport such as trains and subways can be used not only to travel long distances but any short distances as well. The reason public transports are considered much more environmentally friendly is because it can transport a large amount of people who would otherwise be using cars and other vehicles which add up to the emission of greenhouse gasses. 

But the problem with this, sometimes also called the ‘first-mile or last-mile problem’ is the issue of getting to the public transportation centers from homes as well as going to the destination from the public transport. For this reason the Inokim  is a good choice as it solves the last mile problem while also not contributing to the traffic and congestion when using other modes of transport.

How to choose the right Electric Scooter

When the decision to buy an e-scooter has been made, then comes the decision of picking the right e-scooter. There are plenty of options out there in the market and one has to be very careful when choosing an e-scooter. 

One has to consider the specifications that are best suited for them when buying an e-scooter. For instance when it comes to the Inokem OXO, it has pneumatic tires, so there is no concern regarding shocks as it will be well absorbed by the tires. In addition to this , while most e-scooters have a single motor, the inokem is dual motored. 

As e-scooters are becoming more popular among adults as the choice of vehicles, the newer models have headlight features as well as hydraulic or semi-hydraulic brakes, to ensure safety when it is driven. Additionally, one can find electric vehicle chargers at almost all petrol stations, therefore there is no concern of finding oneself out of charge.

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