The Best Way To Send Remittances To Cuba

Cuba, like many of the third world economies, receives a high amount of money from its emigrants on a monthly basis. The main function of these shipments is to help family members residing in the country. So much so that according to The Havana Consult Group, the annual amount of foreign currency that arrives in the form of remittances amounts to 3,600 million dollars (approximately 3,040 million euros), more than the contribution of the entire tourism sector to the Cuban economy (around 3,000 million dollars), and more than the sum of the main export items, including nickel, sugar and derivatives, tobacco and biotechnological products.

A large part of this monetary flow was operated by the American company Western Union, which worked with a Cuban counterpart, Fincimex SA, which quickly brought these remittances into the hands of the Cuban family. However, after the arrival of Donald Trump in 2017 to the White House, the picture changed. The sanctions imposed and the intensification of the embargo laws by the US executive forced Western Union to suspend its services in Cuba after also sanctioning Fincimex SA and other Cuban business entities.

Other ways of sending remittances were emerging, so the flow was never interrupted. Informal routes such as mules were maintained, and agencies to send remittances to Cuba also appeared and proliferated. Havana Ship is one of these agencies and is characterized by very cheap rates, unique offers and fast delivery of money to recipients.

Particularities of Havana Ship

Havana Ship is an agency that stands out within the competition for being very safe and efficient. It offers the possibility of recharging cards either in MLC or in Cuban pesos and of cash delivery as long as the recipient is from Havana.

It accepts a wide variety of payment methods such as: Zelle or MyBambu, if you send from the United States, Sped or OXXO if you send it from Mexico, and also the traditional American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover Network, Diners Club International and JCB from any point of the planet.

One of the strengths of this agency is the speed with which the money is delivered. Transfers are made within a maximum range of five minutes while cash, if you make the payment before 4:00 PM Cuban time, will be delivered the same day at 2:00 PM. at 7:00 PM, otherwise it will take place on the next day.

Thanks to the transparency with which the professionals at Havana Ship work, you will be able to verify the status of your shipment at any time and will always have the real updated information.

The maximum amount to send is USD 1,000 per day or its equivalent in any currency and the minimum amount is USD 1,000 or equivalent.

One of the most requested offers by the clients of this agency is the RecargaShip, perhaps the cheapest in this competitive market. It gives the possibility that the person benefiting from the telephone recharge can access a combined package of 500 cup (8GB + 75Min + 80SMS) for a price of 9.99 USD.

How can I send remittances from Havana Ship?

Hiring the services of Havana Ship is very easy, with a couple of clicks or taps you will be sending money to Cuba. The first step is to go to the Havana Ship website, There you can insert the amount of money you want to send and a converter in real time, according to the current rate, will let you know how much it is necessary to pay. Once these steps have been completed, press the Send Now button. You will be redirected to a WhatsApp chat with a professional from the work team, who will indicate the next steps to complete the transfer so that the money reaches Cuba quickly.

Sending remittances to Cuba can sometimes be a stormy and complicated process, especially if the sender is a person who does not fully master digital and internet languages. There are many agencies that are immersed in the market for money transfers to the largest of the Caribbean islands and choosing without having the necessary elements in hand can lead us to make mistakes and end up dissatisfied with the contracted service. Havana Ship promises to give people a fair opportunity and an honest way to help their relatives and friends in Cuba and wants to form a direct and lasting bond with them. It also ensures that one of its strengths is its team: it works with a 100% trained and reliable team to be able to offer you the most practical, safe and expeditious alternative to send money to Cuba to clients.

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