Ways to Reduce Time to Market in Software Development

    Software Development

    Software development is such a challenging task because there is an increasing need to produce quantity and quality. Clients tend to ask for shorter deadlines and software developers seem to scramble to create quality software that functions smoothly and performs all required tasks. One of the most challenging aspects of software development is to create a quality product in the shortest time possible as the number of competitors increase. There is a need to act fast on ideas it is important to produce fast results in order to maintain their market share. 

    Reducing time to market is a combination of many different factors which when combined together play an important role in defining the life cycle of the project. It is important to evaluate the expectations, skillset, pressures, and responsibilities of the software developers to come up with a solution that best suits your software development company. Here are some of the sure-shot methods that can help you reduce the time it takes for software development- 

    Early Bug Fixing

    Gone are the days when testing and QnA was considered as a secondary task and waited until the entire project was developed. It has been observed that it takes lesser time and effort to keep testing the small modules individually and test different functions separately in order to make the development process faster. As the size and complexity of the project increases, the cost to fix bugs increases as well. The best way to make your software development process efficient is to ensure that you take care of bugs every step of the way. 

    Reduced Complexities

    It is a common myth that large projects are always complex. However, the mark of a good developer or the difference between a novice developer and an experienced one is they can achieve a certain goal without making the code too complex. It is important to note that if you want to increase the speed of development is to make the code less complex and easy to understand. 

    One of the best ways to achieve this goal is to define clear development standards. You can rely on an expert or the management in a software development company to create a roadmap that helps you set the targets, deadlines, and expectations beforehand. An effective way to define a timeline and expectations is to create a Kanban board that has these columns- the to-do list, work-in-progress, validate, and complete. 

    Switching Between Tasks

    This seems like a small thing but it plays a great role in individual productivity. It is important to understand that there is a certain time your mind takes to switch from one task to another especially when you are working in a software development company. If a developer keeps switching from one task to another it is only logical that there will be a delay and each task will take longer to finish. It is important to curb this problem and to encourage people to work on one task for longer durations. 

    Along with this, it is also important to cut down on distractions such as cell phones and distractions due to another project. The best way to curb these is to encourage your developers to put their phones on ?do not disturb? mode or turn them off and place them in their drawers for a couple of hours. This will help to increase their focus manifold. 

    Another way to reduce distractions from other projects is to club the seating of developers from the same project together so that the distractions from the other team do not disturb them.

    Work-Life Balance

    One of the biggest factors for bouts of unproductivity or irregular work output is burnout. While it is common practice for organizations to encourage software developers to work for long stretches and extend their workdays to the weekends this does not help in the long run and causes burnouts. It is important to maintain a good work-life balance in order to make the team productive and increase the pace at which software development takes place. 

    The right Team Size

    The more the merrier is not apt as far as software development services are concerned. It is observed that a large team size working on a small project can extend the deadline and increases the time one project requires. This is because there is an increased need for communication and coordination. They will require more meetings which in turn slows the process down. Having a team size of five people is more than enough for small projects and making individual teams manage separate tasks and functionalities helps for bigger projects. Make sure you employ people that can form se

    mi-autonomous and cross-functional units so that they can handle small and big projects without having to employ more people to complete different tasks. 

    With these methods, any software development company can increase its throughput and decrease the time it takes to finish a software development project. This will increase revenues and provide ethical ways for your business to grow without overburdening your employees. 

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