What is the Importance of Education?

Education can be defined as the tool which provides a broader perspective to see life by enhancing the knowledge, skill, experiences. To achieve liberty, economic & social independence one must realize the educational importance in his life. Education also provides the knowledge to become aware & be dutiful towards his nation, environment, and family & gives the courage to raise voice against injustice, corruption & violence.

Education is the fundamental right of any person; a good education system is the backbone of any country since it solidifies culture & the economy as a whole. The world cannot be developed without education.

Below we will discuss the importance of education & how it shapes our life & the world.

Social perspective

  • Education removes poverty from society in such a way that if a person gets educated in the right way, he will get a job later in life & he will be able to meet the needs of his family.
  • Education enables safety & security against crimes because an educated person is less likely to be cheated on & do crimes. This way, he can avoid being accused & victim at a time.
  • Education flourishes with knowledge, it sets a political ideology for people, it gives the knowledge of fundamental duties towards the nation. So the law & order remain under control when the people of the country are educated.
  • A good education doesn’t necessitate a good job always, people come up with various ideas for startups which employ several other people & the commerce & trade of the country get flourished.
  • A good education can change society as a whole, like discrimination, caste, creed, racial issues get eliminated when people are educated in society. It causes the upliftment of the weaker section. Education facilitates women’s empowerment, as if women get the right education, they can raise voice against any injustice towards them or any people. They can solidify the right to education & freedom of speech for other women too.
  • The relationship between education and communication is directly related. It becomes easier for a person to communicate with the world & society when he becomes literate, through verbal or electronic or written mediums.
  • Education provides the knowledge & skill to be creative & innovative to make the world a better place to live.

Personal perspective

Provides Financial Security

A good education facilitates financial security later in life such that if a person gets a quality education, he doesn’t need to be dependent on anybody to support him for his financial needs. It gives financial security throughout life.

Provides Stability in Life

Quality education gives people the stability they look for in life. Being well educated can earn degrees in life that ensures good jobs or opening other ways in life. Thus, stability comes in later life.

Makes Dreams Come True

Education has the power to make dreams come true, such as, when a person dreams a few things in his earlier life, after achieving financial independence it makes it possible for him to fulfill those.

 Makes Confident

Education boosts the knowledge of people, it makes it easier for them to communicate verbally, to express their opinion, improves personality. By accumulating these things, it makes a person confident as a whole.

Sharpens Thinking

Education sharpens the mind by accumulating knowledge & skills. It makes a person aware & informed about the things around him by showcasing the current affairs & the nature of people around him.

Improves Reasoning Skill

As education helps to accumulate knowledge, it improves the analytical skill of a person. It also improves the verbal & non-verbal reasoning skill of a person. It makes a person think rationally & logically.

Gives Social Reputation

Education gives a social reputation. It is known that people give respect to knowledgeable people. If a person accumulates education throughout his life, later gets a reputed job, or engages in a reputed profession, people around him will give him respect.

Education enables a person to be established for him & society for good causes. It earns respect, reputation, good quality of life, a stable lifestyle, a voice for the people & himself.

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