Difference Between Real and Faux Leather Jackets

Real and Faux Leather Jackets

The leather jackets have been part of our closet for as long as you can remember, and you can also Google its fascinating facts. From the army uniforms to the air force’s uniform, it gradually became a part of our daily lives. After that, as you can see, the cafe racer, bomber, biker, and so on are the most wearable and admired attire of the era and are loved by thousands. Saying this won’t be wrong that this piece of attire gave a new definition to styling and gave a chic aesthetic vogue to all the fashion enthusiastic people.

The tough and masculine looks and feel of the material took the fashion industry by storm. This revolutionary outfit is now a perfect thing to have that everyone can rely on and wear without any doubt and second thoughts. But the sad thing to consider that not everyone can rock this flawless stuff; a leather jacket is like a classic American muscle car, anyone can have it, but not everyone can handle it and maintain it. 

As leather jackets have also squeezed their way into the woman fashion world and again rocking it there, it won’t be wrong to say that this material has won not only one century but many more that are still to come. 

Talking about the style and journey of the leather jackets is not a thing to discuss because almost everyone knows that, right? The thing worth discussing is the types and the difference in leather, faux, and real leather. As everyone has their priorities, likes, and dislikes, real leather has already won that race by the numbers. 

The faux PU leather (or “the advancement of leather” that’s what they call) has its audience to please. Now the visual difference is the glossy look; easy wrinkles are one of the things that instantly trigger some people, but on the same side, the glossy look is the thing that makes some people fall in love with this material. There is no doubt almost everything has its pros and cons in many ways, some can dislike some pros, and some cons can be delighted to someone, it’s basically about your taste.

The Luxurious or Glossy Look? 

The real leather has the best feel while wearing and reflects the most luxurious look that can help you a lot to be the star in a crowd and among your friends and the close ones. It is of those things that many things come and go but can’t beat it and can’t even come close to it. On the other hand, faux leather has the smoothest look to fall to and making it the first option to many as it can get along with anything easily and has given birth to a whole new revolution of fashion. 

For quality, pay some more dollars! 

One that upsets a lot of people that real leather is EXPENSIVE! As it comes from an animal’s skin brightening treatment for men, that is one thing that makes this material a bit costly from some of the other factory-made materials, but if you think long-term, it’s a good investment for the next couple of seasons. While the faux, they are way cheaper, but the downside is you have to be gentle while the faux is on your body.?

Which lasts longer? 

Hands down, nothing can beat the durability of real leather and can stand almost anything, not like others, which can get wrinkled very easily, not just easy wrinkling but many more things. It can last a very long time compared to other materials and stuff and doesn’t wear out. While faux is not a go-to material as you consider the durability, it just starts to chip and crack! The durability of the faux isn’t right in some cases, and it doesn’t even last a year. It’s a cheap material but going off that quick isn’t good either. 

What for which season! 

Talking about the winter, real leather must be in your closet to be cozy outdoor as it is the season where you get to know the full potential and advantages of having a good quality leather attire. It completely blocks the wind to make its way to your skin and leaves you shivering, and it works exactly like a Kevlar, which makes you feel the impact of the bullet but doesn’t leave a scratch on your skin. As faux is great for the mild breezes, it is always nice to make your attire a bit more fashionable and looks astonishing, right! As it is cheap, you can go crazy during that season. 

Maintaining the same Leather! 

For the real leather, there’s a thing that everyone can’t master, maintaining the leather to its great condition. As everything has its downsides, this is one of those (well, to be honest, it’s not a material error, but it’s you that is not taking care of your attire correctly). Just like the way you have to wax your car only when needed, just like that, you who have to figure it out when is the time and waxed it. The faux isn’t great on the durability scale as whenever you are going to fix or maintain it, it will cost more than the real leather and doesn’t have to be like before. 

Arguably real leather can win thousands of debates on almost everything you consider to have chic vogue, a faux leather jacket can provide that look too, and it is way cheaper than real leather. Still, if anything happened to your favorite faux leather, you’re going to end up spending more to repair it or fix it. You have to understand that the rough, unfinished appearance of the real leather is supposed to look. 

So the next time you go to buy a leather jacket, get a good quality jacket, whether it a faux or real leather just get the thing you love and can make the most out of it; if you like faux, try faux shearling jacket as they are one of the most demanding and astounding attire out there!

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