Flying from Itanagar to Delhi: A Comprehensive Guide

itanagar to delhi


Itabet (the capital city of Arunachal Pradesh) at one end, and Delhi (the capital of India) at the other, navigating through this journey offers a breathtaking journey through ever-changing landscapes and cultures. Whether you’re a business traveller, a tourist on the legendary trail of India, or a local resident on a trip to niceties, knowing the fine tunings of flying from Itanagar to Delhi can really improve your flying experience.

Flight Options:

  • The flights between Itanagar and Delhi currently operated indirectly. But, otherwise, the flights have a lot of options for travellers to change at bigger airports such as Guwahati, Kolkata, or Bagdogra. In the context, these flights connect by using the other airlines like Air India, IndiGo, Spice Jet, etc.
  • Book cheap flight tickets ahead and check for flight timings timely so that you could easily get a good deal and the timings that will be best to travel.

Itanagar Airport:

  • LGBI International Airport (Guwahati) is a common passage that takes you to Delhi from Itanagar. From the initial place Itanagar, tourists can drive or take a plane for 30 min maximum and reach Guwahati up to which plane is available.
  • The airport in Itanagar, or Itanagar Airport which is popularly known as Lilabari Airport is now an air terminal for domestic flights with only minimum basic facilities. The advisable thing is to come at least half an hour before you would like to board your plane as baggage facilities are also coming up.

Transit Experience:

Transit passengers will have to endure the security checks, and maybe even terminal change when they are in Guwahati or any other connecting airport they might be passing through. It is important to have the transit due to the periods between flights should be clear to guarantee hassle-free departure.

Many air carriers provide advanced check-in services for the connecting flights, and in Itanagar, travellers can get their boarding passes maintained for both segments of the trip at the departure airport.

    Flight Duration and Timing:

    • The Itanagar to Delhi flight differs in duration depending on the transit stop time at the airport in the middle. In general, total duration of travelling can be estimated as the time spent transit inclusive for 4 to 7 hours.
    • Flying times can also fluctuate depending on whether it is a weekday or a holiday, while airline schedules may be decisive also. It’s always better to check through different ones to get all the information relevant to the route you want.

    Precautions and Tips:

    • Because of the COVID-19 or any other health emergencies, it is necessary to remain informed on the most up-to-date travel advisories and directives provided by their authorities.
    • Have some hand sanitizer, face mask, disinfectant wipes in the bag to keep you clean on your journey. These might be helpful for you during the trip.
    • With the use of important travel documents like identification, health and tickets, the processes of check-in and boarding planes will be smoother.

    How To book Itanagar to Delhi Flight 

    Booking a flight from Itanagar in Delhi would need a few steps, even without the direct one you will likely need to book a connecting flight through a major city airport like Guwahati. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to book your flight:Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to book your flight:

    Research and Compare Flights:

    Tackle it by putting to use different spins on flight details that are found on travel sites or airline sites directly. As there are no direct flights therefore you need to look at bussing flights via airports like Guwahati, Kolkata, or Bagdogra. When choosing flights, do not forget to look up the prices, flight durations, layover durations, and other additional fees.

    Choose Your Preferred Airline:

    After this, scroll through alternate flight options, select an airline that is convenient in regards to schedule, price and reputation. Airlines such as Air India, IndiGo, SpiceJet etc. are airline service providers that connect the city of Delhi with Itanagar.

    Select Travel Dates:

    Settle your travel dates and respective the departure date and return date according to your plan. Try to be flexible about your travel dates as whenever you alter again, it will necessarily reflect in your flight fare.

    Book Your Ticket:

    After you’ve fished for your flight choice, mode of travel and dates, it is now time to get your ticket. You can do this either by directly visiting the airline’s official website, other travel websites like MyFlightTrip, MakeMyTrip, Cleartrip or you may access them through travel agents.

    Enter Passenger Details:

    One of the first things you will have to do when making your booking will involve inputting relevant passenger details such as full names, date of birth, contact information, and other required information. Providing proper accuracy in information provided will minimise any problems that may be faced during the check in process.

    Provide Payment Information:

    Proceed to the Pay Form and note down your payment details to complete the booking. Another potential feature is providing multiple payment options to airline customers like credit and debit cards, net banking, and mobile wallets.


    Flight from Itanagar to Delhi that is available with a layover at the airport is the fastest medium of transportation but still not. Understanding flight, transit and important travel advice will relax your mind and let you travel in India from the serenity of the capital of Arunachal Pradesh to the vivacity of the Indian capital with Delhi, enjoying India’s diversity and amazing beauty en route.