The Wait is Over Cyberpunk 2077 is Now Available

Cyberpunk 2077

The most awaited game of the century is finally here, and our excitement is accelerating to the highest point. All the gamers were desperately waiting for Cyberpunk 2077 for so long, and now finally, they could gear up in their Cyberpunk Jacket and enjoy the game. Where some of you might have already bought the game, a few of you might be waiting for the reviews to feel motivated enough and get the game (well, same here). Let’s have a look at how the game is entertaining people as of yet.

The Time Required to End the Game:

The coming stats show that Cyberpunk 2077’s campaign will take approximately 20 hours to finish. But that’s not it yet, as a poll regarding this topic is still in the initial stages, and the final results would come out once the game stays for a little while longer. Some other polls suggest that the main campaign will consume almost 37 hours to complete. However, these stats will be relative if the player plays the story cloud gameing service and other side quests and missions to level up his game’s main campaign.

But if the player rushes towards the end of the game and wants to get done with the main story, it would take 20 hours. The time duration is comparatively shorter than the previous releases of CD Projekt Red as the story of Cyberpunk 2077 is more focused on the story and is tighter than all of them. 

Well, if you are a completionist who goes through every little feature that the game has offered, then it will be a hell lot of a time to complete Cyberpunk 2077, which is 69 hours. There are so many side quests and missions, collectibles, and a lot more features in Cyberpunk 2077, which are waiting for you to give you a whole new experience. 

While these early results show that the game is a small one, which is a surprise. The world portrayed in CyberPunk 2077 is so huge to lose in, which is impossible to explore in just a handful of hours. The confirmation about all these stats will be done as few weeks pass from now. 

Early Reviews:

Yes, some lucky gamers who have got the chance of playing the game early are rating it positively. However, the short period given to them for review is surely not enough to judge all aspects and features of the game. These reviews are missing a huge chunk of the real content that Cyberpunk 2077 has.

Role-playing games like Cyberpunk 2077 often take a dozen hours to finish, exclusively for true gamers who explore and conquer every mission and quest. Considering this, it is hard to believe in these reviews and make up your mind to spend hundreds of dollars on the game. 

It would be better to wait for the reviews, which are assumed to come in the next few hours, including footage. They will give the exact idea if buying the game is worth it or not.

Buy the Game or Pass on It?

It is suggested to wait for a few more days to purchase the game, but that’s not known to some gamers. Many of them have made up their mind whether to buy the game or not, and there is nothing on this planet that could change their minds. Well, if you are a loyal customer of CD Projekt Red and are not hesitant to pre-order the game, then surely there is no wrong with it. You are responsible for your deeds, after all! 

Although we don’t know how CD Projekt Red takes your love. If they consider games to make some money or care about your expectations or not. No one is surely against them, but that’s how the relationship between games produced by a brand and customers is, generally. You might buy the game, but it won’t matter later if you don’t like it ? the money is already in their pockets!

But it won’t matter if you have always loved CD Projekt Red’s creations. You can go for Cyberpunk2077 and experience it on your own. It will be a kind gesture if you give honest reviews to help your fellow mates make their decisions (including us).

Cyberpunk 2077’s Sudden Release has Cost the Developers Millions!

There is some bad news coming from the fans too! They are posting their complaints on Twitter and other social media platforms regarding the condition in which Cyberpunk 2077 got released for consoles. Many PS4 and Xbox One players are utterly disappointed and confused at the moment. This is a major hit on CD Projekt Red after all the hype they created until the 10th of December.

The people behind the brand, including Marcin Iwinski, Michal Kicinski, Piotr Nielubowicz, and Adam Kicinski, have reportedly suffered a cut of $1 billion collectively. The reason was the questionable and unclear release of the video game, as Bloomberg reported, and the outrage shown by the public. But CDPR has posted an official apology on Twitter regarding the backlash that they are receiving for not revealing the clips of the console performances.

They have assured the fans that the updates and modifications, which are all set to come to the game in February, will address the problems regarding the performance of last-gen gaming consoles. Not just that, CDPR has also offered the gamers a refund on their game copies, although this didn’t satisfy a single person.

Despite all the craze and hype for the stunning Cyberpunk Jacket, the game is falling short of its expected sales. From the pre-assumed 30 million sales for a year to drop to just 25.6 million, this is a big hit to the developers. With this big financial hit, people have surely fallen into more doubts about the further releases by CDPR. This would be hard for them to overcome but let’s wait and see what they have to modify and improve.

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