The Rare Places Scramble – Mars, Space, and the Arctic

In recent years, one thing that was more shocking was that “Ireland has a decent space industry.” The fact that we were in the Middle East in a bus came from the head of a big European country’s space agency adds some lustre to the statement.

Ireland has a growing space industry, matching its big aircraft industry, and I asked myself if Ireland was going to send a man or a woman to Mars every day!

The pictures sent back to earth by NASA’s Perseverance test enhance the sense of wonder generated by previous samples (about 10 crafts or samples landed on Mars). They remind us of the power of the technology and the possibilities opening up space. 3d drawing easy

To the Stars, Ireland!

The path to Mars will take approximately USD 3 billion and will take approximately seven and nine months, according to their respective orbits on Earth and Mars. The journey is nearly USD 500 billion and will take about seven months.

It was thought to have been too much for even well qualified astronauts to spend seven months on the space ship, but after the confines of COVID-19, you might say that all of us are now astronauts! When anyone is brave enough to fly, more and more Mars robots will visit and more fascinating experiments like Mars cultivation and production of oxygen machinery for use on Mars will be viewed.

With NASA at the forefront of landing rovers on Mars, a number of countries are also undergoing missions to Mars, including Japan, India and the EU. Russia originally designed plans to send people to Mars in the 1960’s, and the UAE is a new participant with the Amal sonder scheduled to land a sonde in May on Mars. Some private companies � SpaceX being a leading participant � are also taking part in the game of space exploration (and trade).


The race for space could be part of a major trend that I call “a scramble for rare locations.” This has a number of ways � for example, a race to secure parts of the world such as the notional New Zealand mountain lair billionaire, a race for space and the technological and mineral benefits that can be made by it, a race towards the deep oceans and a related race for the Arctic. The film ‘Goodbye until 2020.’

The Arctic is interesting in particular the Arctic Council is overnight for its strategic position, its function as an indication of the climate harm and, associated, its role in opening shipping routes by means of melting ice by means of the Arctic Council (Canada, Iceland, Sweden, Russia, the US, Russia and Denmark). Learning Alphabets for kids

Russian games

It is geopolitically important � a Russian subsurface planted a Russian flag in 2007 under the Arctic in the nation � and Denmark has recently acted to raise its military presence in the Faroe Islands and in Greenland (interestingly Russian leading Arctic scientist was charged with spying in China).

Thomas Pakenham’s book ‘The scramble for Africa’ represents the scramble for rare places that has a clear strategic motivation, a doubtful ecological impact and, finally, a serious negative effect. The quest for rare places has (again, an understatement in the case of Africa).

This scratch represents a world in which there is an increasingly tense partnership between nations, in which large portions of the economic activity depend on select nature resources (rare earths) and in which, in some sections, game rules (space and the Arctic) are not open to interpretation.

It also represents great power ‘Great Games’ on steroids to take the topic of last week’s note. The British and Russian Spies in the 19th century Game crossed the paths in Isfahan and Buchara and will now glide in sub-Arctic mini submarine or gather on exclusive ranches around the Argentine plains. They will circle one another on Mars.

It’s all potentially exciting, but probably expensive, as the Great Game is.

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