What is a dream job?

As humans process discrete, the idea of one�s dream job also varies from job seekers to job seekers. Past experiences, likes and dislikes, education, family background, personality, social status, personal interests, and myriad other factors influence your answer to a dream job!

The dream job�s idea of Ben is working in a positive workspace where he can make an impact – whereas, for Harry, lucrative salary and employee benefits is the concept of a dream job. While others are searching for an occupation that challenges them and that they appreciate. 

Most don’t secure their dream employment position immediately. They invest their energies working in different situations to acquire the experience and later be eligible for their dream careers! Another reason might be that one may take time to decide and define his dream career � some hunt it in their 20s or 30s, while we are also familiar with inspirational stories of individuals realizing their passion in 50s and 60s!

�How to find a dream job?�

Career change affects your stable situation, where it�s extremely normal that you either procrastinate making steps towards your idea of an ideal job or you completely give up to avoid the fear of falling flat scenario. Here we have assembled some hunting-your-dream-job methods that can assist you in finding one for yourself and staying motivated during the journey!

  • Ponder on your career objective
  • Research specific titles in your target field Jobs/ industry
  • Gain experience
  • Schedule job hunting activity on a regular basis
  • �Personalize your resume and cover letter�
  • �I can figure this out!� mindset

Ponder on your career objective

Career change demands thought, strategy, and composure. Before you focus on making a lifelong change, think about making a rundown of your professional targets and what you are expecting to achieve from your dream job. 

�In this pursuit of employment, listing down your realistic short and long-term goals will help you stay� engaged and roused. Finding your ideal position can require weeks or months, so you ought to be committing a satisfactory measure of time to apply for job openings and interviews.

Research specific titles in your target field/ industry

Now that you are focused on a specific industry or field, you ought to pick at least one occupation title to explore. The following stage will be to investigate your picked title or titles. You can investigate these job titles; regarding their career path, monetary benefits, and job requirements/ prerequisites utilizing a scope of assets; including company websites, work fairs, informational career-centered YouTube videos, blogs/ articles, and educative interviews and seminars.

In addition to compensation range and position�s eligibility criteria, this activity also educates you with other related significant elements like position�s expectations/ job duties, working hours, organizational culture, and location.

Gain experience

Being eligible is one thing, and securing an ideal position is another! In today�s driven job market, employers insist on more than just a degree. Gaining relevant industry experience not only aids your resume to pass the screening and get you an interview; �Doing It for Yourself� is another overriding justification!

Hands-on work experience, meeting new people, obeying company culture gifts you with personal development and a stronger and competitive resume.

Schedule job hunting activity on a regular basis

Searching for job openings on career websites, LinkedIn, and your favorite organizations is a time-consuming activity. A canny job-seeker approach would dedicate specific time to this activity every day and punctually follow it. 

Narrowing down the employment opportunities, customizing�key components of a resume/ cover letter, and applying is a tedious task � experts advise engaging in reclining activities like walking, extracurriculars for a breathing and fresh mind.��

�Personalize your resume and cover letter�

What is the purpose of a resume? : �Your resume portrays your capabilities and what makes you exceptional. To stand apart among competing candidates, you need a resume that showcases your qualities and presents you as an ideal match for the job opening. An incredible resume grabs the consideration of hiring managers!�

While a CV is a detailed overview of your educational and professional background, there lie somekey differences between the resume and CV�. Your resume is a trailer of your working life. This incorporates all the positions you have held, a rundown of abilities that you have created all through your past jobs �and education�.

Resume Guidance to land your dream job�: �If the positions you are applying to are very� much like, utilizing the same resume is all right. However, �personalizing your resume with keywords� as highlighted in job advertisement yields prolific out-turns!

�I can figure this out!� mindset

Indeed, probing and landing your dream job is a challenging and consuming task. The following tips alleviate this procedure in all good ways one can imagine:

  • �You don�t need to be perfect�
  • �Even small steps count: Taking initiative is undoubtedly one of the most crucial tasks�, celebrate even the smallest initiatives you take towards your goals long-term. E.g. connecting with your favorite person on LinkedIn
  • Have realistic expectations: �This applies to each and every aspect of your� dream-job-hunting-activity on the smaller side and your life on the whole!

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