Questions before Hiring a Security Guard

    Security Guard

    If you have done your homework and researched the security companies you are considering, you will probably have a shortlist of companies that make deductions. Choosing the right security company is not easy, but considering your peace of mind is a worthwhile endeavor. One important thing we have not discussed yet is that the security agency can serve you.

    We have discussed how they take care of your assets and customers, but we should also mention that a well-performing security system should be less of a hassle to you. Permanent arrangements have to be made. Getting peace of mind is a key benefit when you know you have made the right decision, and the job is in the hands of an agency that you feel comfortable with.

    With that in mind, you have this shortlist of companies. How do you decide who is shaking their head and who is being beheaded? This can be difficult because, now, there are things that you like each of your candidates on your list, and it depends on how passionate and friendly you are and adjusting to these companies. It is not uncommon for you to want to be able to “hire all of them” as much as you want when you try to pick a “furry dog”. The next step in this process will help you to manage this decision wisely. Now it is time to ask some important questions about their bodyguards.

    Your skywatch security guard services Toronto Company is your safety key in your security plan (or the person, as many trained and capable guards as there are women). They will be what your customers see. We need to understand their job, background, and training as much as possible so that they can step on your job site. Let us look at some of the questions we can ask. Depending on the circumstances, not all of them may be needed, so use your best judgment:

    History –

    Since when has the guard been with the company? Has this person had a background check, and if so, what kind of (languages) are they? When the guard applied to join your agency, was there a reference check? Is there a drug testing policy, and if so, how and when is it implemented? Do you have other guard experiences on sites like yours? If so, how long they served (a small assignment may indicate that there was a problem, but not always).

    Dependence –

    What is their attendance record in the last 6 months? Have they ever written? Have they ever had a nun show on a site? Has there ever been a consumer complaint about this person, either formal or informal?

    Training –

    What training did they have to go through to become a guard? What certificate do they have? Do they have any customer service documents as part of the job if they are dealing with customers? If so, was it the site (developed within the company), or was it away from the site, (through a third party that specializes in this type of training)? Has his performance been regularly reviewed, and if so, when was his last time? Does the guard have evidence of support capabilities such as CPR and emergency training?

    Site Training and Supervision ?

    • Who will train the guards for the position they will be serving?
    • How can their direct supervisor manage this guard?
    • How many times will the supervisor visit the guard at the site?
    • How many guards does this supervisor manage, and how wide is his area? (A large area may mean that the supervisor is too thin to handle all of his accounts properly).
    • How long will the on-site training take?
    • What kind of documents will the guard need while on duty?
    • While on-site (watching TV, listening to the radio, reading a magazine, or reading a newspaper) what employment-related activities are the guards allowed to do?

    As you can see, there are many variables that you may not have considered, and as you go through these questions, you may have begun to realize how critical the role of a skywatch security guard services Mississauga Company. This list is by no means complete. You may have come up with more questions to ask. So far, your list of candidates is very short, and you have the answers you need to make an informed decision. By following these general guidelines above, you can feel more confident about making the right decision. Something to say for peace of mind.

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