Pros and cons of living in NJ while working in NYC

    Pros and cons of living in NJ while working in NYC

    If you are contemplating living in NJ while working in NYC, you will be accompanied by many that share the same life choice. However, there are those die-hard New Yorkers that detest every type of living that does not take place on the island of Manhattan. It can be hard to decide which place would be the best home for you and your family between the two. Those individuals that are looking for a straight and clear-cut answer will be extremely disappointed. There is no way to say if you should live in NJ or NY when working in the Big Apple. Still, we want to help you understand the perks and the downsides of residing in the Garden State while working on your ambitions in the Big City.

    Pros and cons of living in NJ when working in NYC 

    There is nothing like a clash of PROS and CONS to help you make the best possible choice. There is no right or wrong answer, only what suits you and your family. There are many different points to keep in mind when relocating and looking to settle down. So, we touched upon the most important factors.


    Residents of NJ might not be as popular and as trendy as New Yorkers, but they sure appreciate where they live. Here are some of the main reasons why residents of the Garden State choose to call it their home.

    A short and sweet commute

    So many of us dread going to work just because we detest being stuck in traffic or traveling to work for hours. To make matters worse, both are unfortunate daily reoccurrences. You can reduce stress and tension from a complicated commute by living in Northern New Jersey while working in Manhattan. Your commute can be cut down to a symbolic 30 minutes. Now that is what we consider a short and sweet ride!

    NJ nature is to die for 

    Once or if you decide to relocate to NJ, you will be able to enjoy the outdoors much more than in the Big Apple. Anybody in desperate need of extra vitamin D can hit the NJ beaches. On the other hand, if you are not looking to get a caramel tan, you can check out the mountains and go for a hike. Of course, there are parks and other greenery in the city too. Yet, they are always accompanied by heavy traffic, noise, and city pollution.

    Lesser Costs of Living  

    Living in Manhattan can drain out your bank account in just a few months. Living in New Jersey is by no means inexpensive either. Yet, it is less pricey than living in the Empire State. The biggest difference might be reflected through real estate. Rents are substantially lower in NJ. Even if you still choose to spend a larger sum of money on your property, you will get much more space for your buck.

    Higher Quality of Life 

    While living in NYC is never dull, it can certainly be improved in more ways than one. NJ provides the opportunity for a higher quality of life overall. There are plenty of great schools and universities that your kids can attend. Nature and pollution are low. And to top it off, there are plenty of areas where crime rates are much lower than the national average. Overall living in NJ is healthier and more beneficial than living in Manhattan, especially for families with children.


    Naturally, where there are PROS, CONS must be just around the corner. So, let’s be honest, living in NJ is great, but there are a few benefits of living and working in the Big Apple as well.

    New York state of mind 

    For so many that live in NY, leaving Manhattan would give them the sensation of dropping off the face of the earth. There is just something unique about the air in the city. Once you truly experience it, it is hard to shake it. It just sticks with you. For some, it might be hard to understand. Those that experienced it before know exactly what we are talking about.

    Potential tax issues  

    Working in one state, while residing in another can cause some serious missteps in tax payments. Surely you know you have obligations towards both states. Nevertheless, they do differ. Any late or missed payment can result in penalties. The good news is that many individuals go through this predicament when living in NJ while working in NYC, so there is a solution. Consequently, hiring tax advising services will solve all your current or potential issues when juggling living and working in different states.

    Costs and time of commute to and from work 

    Somehow, we have a clash with one of the already mentioned pros. A commute from NJ to NYC can certainly be a piece of cake. But not all commuters get to work and back in the blink of an eye. As might be expected, the amount of time that you will spend on your travel depends on where you live, where you work, and what time of day you commute. Unfortunately, there is a chance that you can get stuck in traffic or travel longer. When you top that with the costs of gas and tolls, living in NJ while working in NYC might not seem so attractive.

    Get ready for your relocation!

    We might have ignited your urge to move with our PROS and CONS. In whichever direction you decide to move, you should take it seriously. Moving is no simple task. That is why you should prepare for it accordingly and on time. House hunt, pack, clean, make a moving checklist, and all the other tasks that are needed to have a successful move and a problem-free moving day. 

    Needless to say, don?t forget to hire professional movers. You might be moving short distances, but you still might require some help. Thus, it would be wise to let the professional handle your moving business. This way, your move will go without a hitch and you won’t even break a sweat. is a great place to start your professional movers’ search.

    Making the ultimate decision 

    Is living in NJ while working in NYC the right choice for you? Only you can decide. Since we all have different needs and desires, it is hard to say what is best for someone else. Only you can make that distinction. One thing is for certain. Both NY and NJ have a lot to offer. The proximity of both states gives you the chance to drift off into the neighbor state if you need a little change of pace or scenery. So, now that you know what you are in for when working in NYC, which state will settle down in?

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