8 Ways to Improve Kidney Function

    kidney health

    Drinking plenty of water and sweating can improve your kidney health.

    The kidney is a delicate organ susceptible to an unbalanced diet, stress, and negative feelings. Be careful, especially if you have kidney problems in your family, to prevent serious illness. In this article, we’ll show you eight ways to improve kidney function in a diet and in a natural way.

    How to improve kidney function

    1. Drink water

    Drinking water throughout the day is the easiest and cheapest way to care for your kidneys to prevent kidney stones, inflammation, and infections. Be careful to drink water that is low in sodium. Sodium-rich foods can have adverse health effects.

    ?Drink at most limited six glasses of water a day. Drink water first between meals, especially on an empty stomach, throughout the day.

    2. be careful about salt intake

    It is suitable for our body to consume a small amount of salt. However, choose unrefined salt (sea salt, Himalayan salt, etc.). The biggest problem is getting too much salt. In particular, consuming pre-cooked ingredients and seasonings can lead to excessive salt intake. Frozen foods also tend to be high in salt. What’s more, it’s only sodium chloride and doesn’t contain the minerals and other nutrients our bodies need.

    ? if you spend too much salt, your kidney’s discretion needs a lot of water to process it, and your fluids will be out of balance.

    ?Blood pressure rises further, which gradually damages enthrones.

    3. Reduce dairy intake

    Gaiety is not a unique thing that is dangerous to our kidneys. Dairy products, such as milk, increase the amount of calcium removed from the body through the urine. It may improve the risk of kidney gems, especially in under-hydrated people, or have genetic factors.

    ? If you take dairy products to get calcium, keep in mind that dairy calcium is not digested correctly. In the long run, it can damage the kidneys.

    4. Reduce sugar intake

    Along with the lungs, the kidneys play a role in maintaining the pH balance of the blood. Consuming sugar increases the acidity of the body and can strain the kidneys.

    It is well known that salt is the leading cause of kidney health problems, but so is sugar.

    ? It is also recommended to use healthy foods such as stevia and coconut sugar instead of sugar.

    5. sweat

    Every time you sweat, you can reduce the strain on your kidneys. One way to get rid of fluids and toxins from our body is sweating. Sweat is a great way to improve kidney function.

    An excellent way to sweat

    ? Medium to high-intensity exercise and interval-style exercise


    ?Eat spicy foods such as ginger and cayenne pepper, etc.

    6. Kidney cleansing

    It is recommended to do some cleansing or detox once or twice a year, significantly when the seasons change. Doing so helps remove toxins from the kidneys and improve overall liver and kidney function.

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    To detox your kidneys, try the following:

    ? Garlic and onion soup

    ?Green smoothie made from pears, celery, and apples

    ? Tea made from dandelion, burdock, horsetail, etc.

    7. Relationship between fear and kidneys

    Negative emotions can also affect organs’ functioning?anger damages the liver, sadness damages the lungs, and fear damages the kidneys. Speak to your therapist to discover whereby to live with courage and a positive mind.

    8. Warm

    Like the liver, the kidneys can benefit from warming with a warm water bottle or a heating pad. If you have kidney health problems, it is essential to prevent your kidneys from getting cold.


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