Differences Between Keto Diet & Atkin Diet

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    Keto Diet Vs Atkin Diet

    Keto diet and Atkins diet, these are the popular diets that can help you to get rid of unwanted weight from your body. Some people thought they are different from each other, but they are quite similar to each other. Both of the diets help to shed away fats by burning them and inducing the low carb diet support. On the other hand, some of the differences also exist in these diets. That is why they carry different names. However, the aim and working of these diets help to resolve the fats and transform them into useful energy. Let?s check the similarity and differences in these two diets along with their details in this article.

    The Atkins diet

    This is a low-crab, moderate protein, and high-fat diet. The Atkins diet is famous all across the globe for its weight loss support. You can have a variety of plans with this diet. Its original version, also known as Atkins 20 that includes four phases. These phases divided the carbs intake and other foods consumption in a day.

    Phases of the Atkins Diet

    Phase 1. Induction

    In the induction phase, you can take 20?25 grams of net carbs in a day. This is recommended until you have dropped 7 kg of weight from the desired weight loss.

    Phase 2. 

    The second phase of the Atkins diet allows you to consume 25?50 grams of net carbs in a day. This is recommended until you dropped 5 kg weight of your goals.

    Phase 3. 

    At this phase, the carbs intake is increased to 50?80 grams in a day. This is recommended until you have got the results and burnt all the fats aways and maintain weight for a month.

    Phase 4. 

    This is the final phase of the Atkins diet. In this phase, you can have 80?100 grams of net carbs in a day to maintain your ongoing weight.

    These phases are designed in a way to help you in weight loss in carbs intake may be increased when you get the desired outcome for weight loss. So, it is not as harsh and difficult as like other diets. But, the point is that you have suggested amount of carbs for a certain time period and when you gain the results, then get to the normal or minimal quantity of carbs in your foods you can enjoy the variety of foods when you have the results. This is the most popular low-carb diet, which helps to manage weight loss and curb your appetite to proceed to weight loss without causing harm.

    The Keto Diet

    The ketogenic diet or keto diet is a very-low-carb diet. It has moderate-protein and high-fat support for their dieters. This diet plan helps to burn away all the fats of the body by putting you in state of high metabolic rate known as ketosis. Keto diet was first made to treat seizure patients, but it gradually came out to drop weight. It works by getting your body into ketosis and transform energy by burning of stored fats of your body. When you get into ketosis, your body uses ketones to get energy. They are the tiny energy house which provides energy to body and brain. They can move freely to your brain barriers and provide energy to brain cells. However, it is beneficial for weight loss, but the maintenance of ketosis is difficult because it needs the ketones to boost. That is why people use low-carbs foods to make more ketones in the body. For that sake, you have to take 20?50 grams in a day. You can obtain calories from 5% carbs, 20% from protein, and 75% from fat. The testing and evaluation of ketosis diet through blood, urine, and breath tests to analyse your ketosis involvement.

    What are the Similarities?

    Keto diet and Atkins diet have a few similarities that can be easily understood by experts and dietitians. Here they are:


    Both of the diets are low-carb diets.

    1. Phase 1 is similar to the keto diet because it restricts carbs intake to enter into ketosis.
    2. They help to burn away fats and give you desired weight loss outcomes.
    3. These diets help to decrease the number of calories.
    4. Atkins and keto diet eliminates the high caloric, high-carbs foods to maintain weight by burning off stored fat.


    Both of these diets also have a difference to make their unique worth in the category of weightloss diets. Here are some of the differences in Atkins and Keto diet.

    1. There is a difference between protein intake in these two diets. Keto diet allows you to take 20% calories from protein while on the other hand, the Atkins diet allows you to have 30% calories from protein. 
    2. Keto diet process through the ketosis, which is a high fat-burning state triggered through the carbs restriction. But the Atkins diet has a different way of functioning. It increases your carbs intake with the phases.
    3. Atkins diet has flexible carb limit, and keto diet has the restrict limitation for carbs intake.
    4. You can enjoy a variety of foods when you are on the Atkins diet rather than restricting foods in a keto diet.

    Benefits Of These Two Diet Plans

    Both of these diets plans help you to get rid of unwanted fats and burn away with ease and comfort. However, working ways of Atkins and Keto diet may vary from each other. But, they are no different when it comes to benefits. Both of the offer the following benefits.

    • Atkins diet and Keto diet are low-carb diets that help in weight loss.
    • Various researches suggest that blood sugar control also avails of with these two diets because they have a lower allowance for carbs intake.
    • These diets can help to treat the cardiovascular disease that includes blood pressure, cholesterol management, and reduction in triglycerides.

    Final Thought

    Well, Atkins Vs keto diet shares a lot of similarities. They both are common to restrict your carbs intake. Both of these diets are helpful to drop weight by reducing carbs. The maintenance of food is necessary for both of the diets, but if you are willing to get a lower amount of carbs, then you can go for the Atkins diet. And, if you can restrict your carbs efficiently, then, go for Keto Diet. Try to keep balance in your living and eating habits.

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