Guide to the Penang Food Delicacies

Penang Food Delicacies

Penang has been a world-renowned destination for your next holidays. From its scenic beauty to the lip-smacking plates of food, Penang has everything. There are plenty of things you can do in Penang, and the most essential is to satiate your soul with the lip-smacking food. The street of this oh-so-surreal place presents a lot of delicacies to its visitors. All these delicious food recipes are a blend of the culture and ethnicity of this place.

The Penangites have combines the best elements from China, Malaysia, and Indonesia for creating the best delicacies. This is why we have listed the best food in Penang for you, which has been loved by the local people.

So let us start now!!!

List of the Best Foods in Penang

Penang Assam Laska

This delicacy is a signature of the Penangites and they have been drooling over this for years now. Assam Laska tastes sour and spicy with fish in it. It is made up of vermicelli noddles cooked in a broth of chili paste, tamarind juice, prawn paste, sardine flakes, and lemongrass.

Nasi Kandar

Nasi Kandar is the best solution if you are bored with regular noodles. It is found in the Mamak restaurants and contains the meat of your choice. The Nasi Kandar is served on a plate of rice and covered with the curry gravies.

Oh Chien/Oyster Omelette

These are famous in many countries as it is an omelette with filled with the oyster. Other variants generally contain cornflour to thicken the omelette but to give it a crisper texture, and lighter. You can also add the rice flour batter in it instead of cornflour.  

Lok Bar

This is the dish that will be on the list of the best food in Penang. The lok bar is the deep-fried seasoned pork strip that is wrapped with the beancurd skin. This is then dipped in the bowl of starchy sauce. In Penang the sauce is on the sweeter side. The ingredients of the Lok bar contain egg, tofu, sausage, and fishcake. Using the unique aroma of five-spice powder, these meat rolls are similar to Hokkien ngoh hiang. You can take a whole plate of fried goodies which can be overwhelming. It is a good choice for a snack or late evening supper sharing dish.

Char Koay Teow

Many people consider Char koay teow to be the most famous street meal in Penang. Its name means the stir-fried rice cake strips which contain the flat rice noodles. Char Koay Teow is stir-fried in fat of pork with dark soy sauce, shrimp paste, blood cockles, prawns, chopped chives, bean sprouts, and eggs. It’s usually served on a piece of banana leaf in Penang.

Penang Rojak

People consider the Rojak is a representation of the mixture and variety. It is a salad of fritters, bean curds, cuttlefish and a variety of fruits that are covered in a thick peanut sauce. The Penang Rojak is commonly found in Singapore and Malaysia. You’d be surprised when you will have it tossed along with the slices of pineapple.

Wanton Mee

This Wanton Mee contains the springer egg noodles and sweet dark sauce. It is then garnished with lean Siew slices and the pork wantons. One can order this soup and for sure recommend it to others.

Ice Kacang

This one is a very popular dessert in Penang which is thick and has sweet red beans topped on it. Also, the ice cream also has condensed milk, sugar syrups, jelly candy, and fruit.

So, next time when in Penang, makes sure you have the best food in Penang. People are going to love the food Penang offers them with. ??


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