Foods That Can Prevent Arthritis Pain in Winter

Arthritis Pain in Winter

Arthritis can be very painful during winter. The reason for that is your bones are already weak and with cold weather the pain increases due to less warmth in your body. Suffering from such conditions can make it worse in the winter season. So in order to keep yourself warm in winters, you have to try the following things.

Although I am going to talk about the foods that will help you in staying warm during the winter, there are a few tips and tricks that you should follow to stay warm. Don�t take bath during the morning, it�s better to take shower in the night before you go to sleep. Don�t eat frozen things, stay away from ice creams if you suffer from arthritis.

These are some of the things that you should avoid in order to maintain healthy bones. Arthritis is a chronic disease and cant be treated. So it�s better that you start eating foods that can prevent further damage to your bones.

The following are those foods that will help in preventing any further pain and discomfort to your bones. Especially during winters. They also have various other health benefits that you can get by consuming these foods.


It is rich in collagen, calcium, and protein. This helps in making your bones strong and healthy. It also contains various healthy nutrients that aid in keeping your body warm. Chicken bone broth is useful in many ways, it can also improve your digestion and skin health.

Although you can drink bone broth at room temperature, it is recommended that you should consume it warm. It will make your body warm and the calcium and collagen in bone broth will help in reducing your arthritis pain. So this makes it the perfect food to consume during winters.


Grains such as legumes and nuts are rich in healthy fats and protein. This makes it very beneficial to keep you warm during winters. Such foods contain protein that is vital for your bone health. Issues like arthritis and osteoporosis can lower your bone density. This makes it more vulnerable during winters.

So if you want to reduce the inflammation of your bones, then make nuts a part of your daily diet. Eating it throughout the day will provide you with a bunch of healthy nutrients and fats that help in reducing the pain of arthritis.


Vegetables such as broccoli and kale are rich in calcium and other healthy nutrients that help with your bone health. Such veggies also help in keeping your stomach full and the body warm. Eating dark green veggies can also provide various other health benefits such as healthy hair, skin, and digestive system.

Green vegetables can also help with weight loss. That is another factor for weaker bones. If you are overweight then you will feel more pain during winters. Your body can�t bear the weight and this can also lead to bone fractures. Some people drink vegetable broth to stay warm and healthy during winters.


Coffee contains caffeine that helps in boosting your metabolism. Due to this, your body will remain warm. Caffeine can also help in making you lose weight. If you can drink protein coffee then it will be even more beneficial for your arthritis.

It contains collagen and calcium traces, this makes it even more beneficial for your health. Similar to bone broth, protein coffee can also reduce the pain of arthritis during winters.


Now you will have the exact idea about what foods you should consume during winters. People who suffer from arthritis are more likely to affected by winter than those who don�t suffer from such health issues. Staying warm should be your first priority, so stay away from going outside in cold weather unless you have some important work to do. Also, don�t eat foods that have an cold effect on your body. Now I am not talking about cold foods but those who have a cold effect on your bones and body. You should also consume foods that can reduce inflammation in your body because it is the root cause of arthritis.


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