Best Brownies in India

best brownies

Pure. Indulgent. Heavenly. Brownies have fascinated and appealed to the young and old for a number of years now. Originally started in the west, this detectable dessert is much loved as a post-lunch dessert or a midnight snack. 

There is so much more to a Brownie than it being a chocolate square. Brownies comes in all sorts of flavors and all levels of gooey! Here is a list of a few of them that Toujours offers its clientele in Mumbai.?

A fudgy chocolate brownie enhanced with the goodness of walnut is the Chocolate Walnut Brownie. One of the most popular brownies you may have spotted on restaurant menus around the country, this swell combo of chocolate and walnut is delightful. Especially when served with a scoop of ice cream on the side.

Next on our list are brownies loaded with twice the amount of chocolate. The Double Chocolate Brownies are a real treat for the sweet tooth lovers. Topped with chocolate chips on the top, these fantastic Double Chocolate Brownies come in egg and eggless options. You can order brownies online in a box of 4, 6 or even 9 brownies at once. No matter how many you get, you won?t feel like sharing!

Looking for something different? You?ve got to taste the irresistible stack of Oreo Chocolate Brownies. Available in a box of 6 or 9, these brownies often capture the hearts those who love the ever-so-classoc taste of Oreos. Stuffed with Oreo chunks, Oreo Chocolate Brownies never fail to surprise!

The world?s best brownie combo is Marshmallow on a Chocolate base with creamy homemade frosting. The soft luscious gooey centre sends a shiver down your spine with just one bite. Our Cake Delivery in Mumbai keeps our customers happy and joyful serving them the best desserts there is to offer.?

Say Cheese! Cheesecake is a trendy favorite among youngsters nowadays. And what better way to celebrate the two most loved desserts in the world, chocolate and cheesecake than in a Brownie. Brownie Bottom Caramel Cheesecake Bars have a chocolate cake base at the bottom and a layer of cheesecake on the top. Finally, drizzle some caramel on the top that adds to its creativity. 

When you can’t decide which route to go down, whether savory or sweet, try the Sweet and Salty Pretzel Brownies. It?s an amazing blend of pretzels, sugar and chocolate, all in one tin. This Sweet and Salty Pretzel Brownies are a treat for all. 

It’s not all chocolate though. If you are looking for a fruity edition of brownies, the succulent and moist Strawberry Fudge Brownies are the midnight cravings that you can divulge in. If you wish to sit in the comfort of your home and get it delivered to your doorstep, you can call us or shoot an email across and we will get back to you within a few hours. 

Life is full of color and different flavors. Hence we allow our customers to choose an assorted box of brownies to help them get everything in one box.  

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