Pantone?s 2021 Colours of the Year: Match your Decor according to the trend

    When experts talk about Pantone colours, they are usually referring to the range of colours given in the Pantone Matching System (PMS). It is a standardised, proprietary colour system and a standard language to communicate colours to designers, retailers, and manufacturers.

    Although Pantone picks one colour of the year, they rolled out two shades of colour for 2021. These colours are Ultimate Gray and Illuminating, spreading a message of hope and strength in the new year. Let us understand how you can incorporate these refreshing colours in your home d?cor and tiles for bathroom, living room, lobby, etc., in 2021.


    Give a rejuvenating look to your d?cor by incorporating Ultimate Gray in sofas and completing the look with bright yellow cushions. You can also go for an Ultimate Grey wall and set a huge Illuminating yellow sofa chair against it.

    Complete the look by adding Illuminating vase and flowers. Apart from this, adding these trending colour combination to your bed linen, curtains, rugs, carpets, or accent furniture can also be a great idea.


    Accessories play a vital role in setting the home d?cor right. One of the most stylish and affordable ways to add life to your home. Get some Ultimate Gray and Illuminating chic cutlery, statement lights, wall artworks, and accessories and see the magic.

    Statement Walls and Doors

    Set a welcoming and positive tone for your guests by painting your main entrance door in a happy, bright yellow. This colour will stand out excellently well against grey roofing materials and grey sidings. Use white trim patterns to highlight the contrast. 

    You can also use these colours in wall paints, decals, and wallpapers. It is an excellent way to lit up a boring space.

    Pantone?s 2021 colours according to Tiles

    Introduce Pantone?s 2021 colours of the year into your kitchen tiles. You can either create a geometric design or go for patterned tiles for your kitchen backsplash. Moreover, introducing this colour combination to the kitchen cabinets will also give a refreshing touch to space.

    If you are planning to renovate your bathroom in 2021, do not miss using the Pantone?s 2021 colours of the year. You can create an exquisite accent wall or use these colours in your electric water heater. As far as upholstery is concerned, you can use these colours in your towels, shower curtains, and bathroom rugs.

    These were some creative ideas for using Pantone?s 2021 colours of the year in your home. make sure you connect with a professional to best tile fittings and wall colouring. As it is a passing trend, consult your interior designer to come up with some temporary or short-term d?cor changes in 2021.

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