Advantages of Recoating and Refurbishing Curtain Walling

advantages curtain walling

Your business has been performing well, but you are aiming to take it to the next level. Yes, simply good doesn?t woo you anymore; you are looking further for excellent office performances. The renovation is indeed a smart investment for any business.

A curtain walling repairs is an exterior of a building that impedes elements for making their way inside and is considered for multi-storey construction. 

Earlier in 1929, curtain walling is used to bring natural light into a building and has evolved the way the building exterior is designed. 

Well, an increase in light is indeed a great benefit of installing curtain walling there are myriad reasons to choose it for building appearance. 

Here listed are some reasons why businesses opt for recoating and refurbishing curtain walling.

So, without any further ado, let?s get started.

Building Aesthetics

One of the absolute benefits of curtain wall refurbishing is the appealing exterior of the commercial building. It gives the architects with the opportunity to get creative with building design. Refurbishment is an excellent endeavour to your ever-growing business. There could be ample reasons why your business needs new property but have you ever wondered how expensive it would cost you.

Unique Environment to work

One of the great advantages of curtain walling refurbishment is you can build a better corporate image by inspiring and motivating employees at work.

Providing your employees with a good working environment to work is a sure way to trigger creativeness and performance. Improving your business is not merely about giving them good pay packages and rewards.

Generate Traffic to your business

Renovating an exterior of a building is undoubtedly going to captivate the attention of stakeholders and the local community. Building remodelling will improve the reach of people and evoke interest in current and prospective customers in your business. 

Safety of your Property

One of the prime concerns of curtain walling deteriorating is water penetration where the moisture flows through inside of the curtain walling system from the outside of the building. Recoating will safeguard the surface as well as the outer beauty of the building. Recoating is also a defence against UV light because of its anti-corrosive properties.

Our experienced and skilled specialist at ARS provides excellent site spraying and prepares the surface before applying recoat. 

It will enhance the commercial value of your property

Other options such as purchasing a new property and extending could be an expensive affair. 

If you wish to resale or lease your building

Recoating and refurbishment help you to retain the commercial value of the property. Also, remodelling your business is a great way to rebrand your business without pouring too much of money. 

Recoating and curtain wall refurbishment can give to your commercial building enhanced aesthetic appeal. You must have heard the famous sayings ?The first impression is the last impression? same goes with your commercial building’s visual appeal. 

It is a cost-saving affair

If the existing building has the potential, you can fetch the best results out of building remodelling via refurbishments and recoating. You could save your business’ significant pounds. Yes, you heard it right! 

Refurbishment and recoating of curtain walling is an inexpensive affair as compared to the new construction of a building.

Hope it has been a useful read.


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