Tips For Dating After a Heartbreak: How Soon Is Too Soon?

dating after heartbreak

Dating after a heartbreak can be challenging if not impossible. Breakups often leave a bitter taste in the mouth for many of us. Not to forget the tirade of emotions that sweep over us – ranging from anger, resentment, bitterness to sadness. 

However, dealing with our conflicting and confusing emotions is not the only battle we need to face after a breakup. There is an entire new world waiting for us to navigate through after separation or post-breakup.

The dating world appears to be confusing and can be difficult to navigate through. On the one hand, we want to move on while on the other hand, we are battling with our past emotions. So, dating after a breakup is exhausting and tricky.?

A plethora of questions often hit us right after we are ready to step out in the dating pool again, “Is it too soon’? “How much should I wait before dating again?”

The answer to these questions often lies with you whether you realise it or not. Nothing is too soon enough if you are ready emotionally and mentally. What matters is you have healed, and you are willing or feel the need to start dating again. There is a fine line between rebound and recovery. So, be cautious of that.

Also, how long you invested in a relationship is another deciding factor in this scenario. The longer you were in a relationship, and the longer you invested, it’s a given that you would need a significant amount of time than others to move on. So, everyone has their own time frame and resources to deal with.

Tips For Dating After a Break Up

This article is a guide to start dating again after a breakup and the tips you need to keep in mind.

Don’t Battle Negative Thoughts

If you have your heart set on what you want & want to venture into the world of dating again, you need to have a positive mind frame. You may have been burned once in your past, but that does not imply that you will make the same mistake again. 

Being wary and cautious is one thing but to delve into negative thoughts and attitude regarding your dating scenes is another. Keep a positive attitude so that it reflects in your dating behaviour. 

Don’t Compare

Whether you are dating someone for long or right after a breakup, one solid dating advice is not healthy to compare your ex to your dates. When you start making comparisons with the dates you go out with there are very fewer chances of you truly liking someone. 

No two people can be the same. So, heal first and give your dates a chance to show you who they are and what they can bring to your life. While it’s tempting to see your new dates with your ex, it’s a toxic trait you need to do away with.

Healing Is Important

Don’t be eager to jump right into the dating scene right after a breakup. The rebound may not always prove to be healthy for you, nor will it help you move forward. It may end up doing you, and the person involved more damage than good. So, take your time to heal and do things that will help you to move on. 

Healing Is Important

Think About What You Want To See In a Partner

Reflecting on your likes and dislikes, your expectations from your next partner after a break up is important. You might have made mistakes in the past, but you have the time now to not dwell on them and repeat those. 

Once you have broken your past relationships, you are in a much better place to see things in perspective. Things that your ex didn’t do right may rule out those traits in the next relationship. Think about the traits you would like to see in your new partner and what do you expect out of a relationship. 

Take it Slow

The most important thing once you start going out on dates is to take things slow. After a breakup, it’s common to go through a multitude of emotions. So, don’t get carried away. Take your time to know your date and explore new things together. 

Don’t jump right into commitment in the first few dates or dump any expectations either. Rushing into anything or dating won’t help you move forward either. 

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