Painkillers- powerful drugs to reduce the pain

Painkillers drugs

Pain is a root cause of suffering in anyone?s life in order to reduce the pain scientists have developed medicines since centuries called painkillers to help the patients reduce the ache which is caused due to injuries or any certain spasms. Painkillers are also known as pain relievers which relieves headaches, arthritis, muscle pain and other aches. There are variety of relievers available one of them is tramadol these types of painkillers are better than other pain relievers. There are 3 to 4 types of painkillers. Non- opioid pain relievers, anti-inflammatory drugs, compound painkillers and opioid painkillers.

Compound painkillers

These types of relievers which are combination of two medicines, this medicine can be NSAID an opioid pain reliever with non-opioid pain reliever a mixture of both the medicinal properties. Example: codeine combines with codamol.

Opioid painkillers 

Opioid pain relievers are mild pain relievers which relieves headache, muscle ache this opioid is enough to make a patient feel better when they are suffering from mild pain. These medication do contain narcotic compounds this can cause serious side effects.

Non-opioid painkillers 

Non Opioid pain relievers for serious aches these relievers are used for oral surgeries or dental surgeries, dental pain is always caused because of inflammation and swelling this leads to serious ache post tooth extraction or any other surgery. The dentist prefer giving these types of medication to relieve the ache. These tablets tend to suppress the ache up to 72 hours. Example extraction of wisdom tooth or other dental surgeries.

Anti-inflammatory drugs

Anti-inflammatory medications are type of medications used for suppressing the inflammation and swelling. These type of medication do not require any prescription it can be bought directly from the chemist. These drugs does control body temperature as well. It is helpful in reducing many types of pain such as headaches, backaches, muscle aches, stiffness caused by arthritis, menstrual, sprains etc.

Whether in rural or urban areas painkiller uses have grown immensely and used around the globe. There various scientist try to find out new ways to make more different types of painkillers which will improve the conditions of certain types of ache.  Painkillers are generally not harmful if taken as per prescription it may dangerous due to misuse of the drug. The relievers remain as a defense mechanism. This also means routinely prescribed medication is best taken after certain surgeries. These medication can also be prescribed to cancer patients because of their reinforcing properties.

The higher dosage these pain relievers the higher reduction of the aches. The effects of these tablets may remain for few hours depending on which type of medication has been prescribed by the doctors. But mostly people tend to use the painkillers more often which may cause health hazards. The pain relieving of these medications can be examined within an hour after the consumption of these tablets. Medical diagnoses these days are more common these days and more companies have arises because of diagnosis.

Hence, technology has been advanced since a century. Scientist have been testing these opioid painkillers on animals before introducing the medication in the market. The results were positive when tested on animals like monkeys earlier when given dosage to the animals they did develop tolerance and dependence towards the drug. The primates are closely related to humans. Hence the test conducted on primates were generally successful. Several studies have been published recently related to painkillers based on usage of the medication and also adverse effect of overuse of the dosages. These medications has given a hope in the field of science and helped the human race in various ways.

The painkillers may provide short term but does not cure joint function or stiffness. The doctors generally give lower dosage of these medication before giving higher dosages, As directly giving higher dosage to the patient may lead to side effects of the dosages. If there are no Improvement in suppression of ache the patient may consult the doctor again for higher dosages. Many people may experience side effects of the dosages like drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Some painkillers may also reduce the ache of the nerve. Doctors also advice not to stop the medication suddenly as it may cause withdrawal symptoms or reactions of the medication.

The acute pain such as bone fracture, dental infection are short term pain where a person can take painkillers and get relieved for few hours. Nerve is one of the most unbearable ache after spinal surgery painkillers are used for such aches. These antidepressants treat the nerve pain and helps the person to get better or feel good for at least few hours. Hence, painkillers do play a major role in helping us in many ways and to overcome certain health issues as and when required. Before taking these medication it is important to ask your doctor whether these medications will interact with the current medication you are already taking. If unsure about anything you may consult a pharmacist as well.

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