Brendan Fraser?s Memoir and His Net Worth

Brendan Fraser?s

Initial Life

Brendan James Fraser took birth in Indianapolis, Indiana on 3rd of December in 1968. He maneuvered intermittently along with his family growing up, spending time in Ontario, Netherlands, Seattle and the Switzerland.

He joined a boarding school in Toronto for initial studies. Later, he went to Seattle?s Cornish College of Arts and graduated from there. After that, he showed up in a small acting college in New York.


Birth Name

Brendan James Fraser is his birth name.


United States of America

Wealth Source

Canadian-American Actor


Actor, Photographer, Voice Actor, Film Producer


  • Father: Peter Fraser (Former Journalist at Government Office)
  • Mother: Carol Mary (Sales Counselor)
  • Siblings: Older three brothers (Kevin, Regan, Sean)
  • Wife: Afton Smith (1998)
  • Children: Three kids (Griffin Arthur Fraser, Holden Fletcher Fraser, Leland Francis Fraser)


They divorced in December 2007. Fraser?s divorce hit his net worth severely. He called upon the court for a devaluation in child support and alimony payments. Then, he indicated that he had only $25 million amount.

He showed $205,704 as his monthly income and yield of investments round about $26,000 per month. Although, he used more than he acquired.

Net Worth

According to networthobserver, the net worth of Brendan Fraser is $25 million. As the origin of his net worth, his film career by taking the roles as an actor or as an executive producer. Brand ratification with assorted organizations and TV roles are also his net worth booster.


Fraser is a Canadian-American actor, having the career in movies as well as in television. He came to Texas to attend college but he agreed to focus his hands in movies. He appeared in 1991 in his first movie ?Dogfight?. In 1992, he acted as a lead role in movie ?Encino Man?. After that, he was advertised in the film ?School Ties? in the same year.

Some of the movies having no mark in the box office was in 1994, ?The Scout?, ?With Honors? and ?Airheads?.

In 1997, his commercial first commercial success movie was ?George of the Jungle?, the comedy movie. He owned his name in industry by amazing performance in ?The Mummy? and its sequel ?The Mummy Returns? in global. But some movies went down like ?Blast from the Past? (1999), ?Bedazzled? (2000), and ?Monkeybone? (2001). He displayed in some television shows like ?Scrubs?, ?King of the Hill? and ?The Simpsons?.

He then appeared in August 2008, in the movie ?The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emporer?. In same year, he started work in two other movies ?Journey to the Center of the Earth? and ?Inkheart?.

Most people love to watch movies of Hollywood actor and comedian Joa Rogan but do you know his wife? Jessica Ditzel?was the former model??

He did many plays and Broadway shows ?Elling? and ?Fury Vengence? in 2010. He started work in FX anthology series ?Trust?, television show ?Texas Rising? (2015) and ?The Affairs? (2016-2017).


Year Federation Rank Production Outcome
1993 Chicago Film Critics Association Awards Most Promising Actor Encino Man and School Ties Nominated
1997 Seattle International Film Industry Award Best Actor Still Breathing Won
2000 Blockbuster Entertainment Award Favorite Actor The Mummy Nominated
2001 Teen Choice Award Choice Actor The Mummy Returns Nominated
2005 Hollywood Film Festival Award Ensemble of the Year Crash Won
2006 Screen Actors Guild Award Outstanding Performance Crash Won

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