Leverage Gojek Clone Built With 70+ Multi-service To Improve Your Business

on demand multi service business offering doorstep delivery services have skyrocketed the market. Entrepreneurs are consistently finding ways to personalize their app services to widen their customer base. From cuddling services to online tutoring to getting a taxi on the go, on-demand Multi-service app like Gojek is in huge demand.

There might be numerous On-demand Multi-service App available, but Gojek Clone App remains the number one choice. And, why not, it deserves to be as it is a key contributor in terms of generating revenues from multiple sources.

gojek clone app

Why Entrepreneurs Should Invest In Gojek Clone App?

With our feature-rich and super adaptable solution, a client can create a custom Gojek app that boosts your business to stand out from the competition.

On-demand multiple services

The reason to integrate on demand multiservice business in your Gojek Clone Script Solution is to offer your customers the convenience to shop from the comforts of their home. The wide range of services includes booking a cab to shopping for groceries to car washing services.?

Multiple streams to generate revenues

Integrating multiple services will generate more revenues. Gojek Clone Script Solution is a white-label solution that offers complete customization. Thus, you can modify, add and remove the services, pricing, as per your business demands. This way you can scale up the profits quickly and easily.

Multiple revenue strategies

The reason to develop an app like Gojek has a wide range of benefits and one of them is leveraging multiple revenue strategies. You can earn more profits by implementing:

  • Subscription / Membership fees
  • Commission on every confirmed order
  • Delivery charges
  • Cancellation charges
  • 3rd party Ad banners
  • Selling relevant merchandise via app

Advanced level features

You are not only getting on demand multi service business on-board connecting your users and service provider on a single app but, you are shifting your business to make it more efficient and effective.?

Gojek Clone Script Solution automates your entire business operations with advanced level features like Push-notifications, Multiple currency/language/, In-app chat, Real-time analytics ? reporting, & more.

Delivery Genie ? That Delivery Anything, Anywhere

Delivery Genie picks up the orders from the nearby store and gets you all the deliveries done, delivering at your doorstep. 

Book Services through phone call and website

You won?t lose your customers. The Gojek Clone App comes with an option of taking orders on a phone call and through a website. Your Customers will simply call the contact number provided and book for the services/orders they wish to place and the Admin will despatch the services. This feature works excellently for customers who don?t have an app.

Secure shopping experience

Gojek Clone App integrated with the High-end Advanced Level Features that also include COVID19 features such as Contactless delivery option, Takeaway option, Face mask verifications, Safety badge, Safety ratings, and reviews. 

In Conclusion

Gojek Clone Script Solution is the right choice if you are looking to venture into an on-demand industry. This multi-service app is 100% customizable to meet your business needs. 

Gojek Clone App comprises 70+ on-demand business service features that can be availed from a single app. With unique new version features a Gojek Clone App Development Company is ready to automate your entire business operations investing less money. Connect with the app development team to know the technical aspects and take the live demo to know the performance of the app on different OS platform. Since it is a ready-made app solution, once you place the order for Gojek Clone App, the app development team proceeds with the white-labeling process. This way you can start your online business in just a week.

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