Everything You Need to Know About Bedding

The first step to creating a healthy and comfortable sleeping environment is by purchasing the appropriate mattress for yourself. A high-quality mattress should last you 5-10 years, so splurging on this one item is the right thing to do. Other bedding items that add to the comfort level and look of your bed include bedsheets, different kinds of pillows, pillowcases, mattress covers, and more. You want to focus on buying and using protectors for your mattress to prevent it from wearing out and tearing. Bedding is all about comfort, protection, and the look of your bedroom. When you shop for bedding and bedding accessories, you need to focus on these three points at all times.

Over the course of time, bedding has evolved from straws and animal hides to luxurious sheets and memory foam. Egyptians were among the first to pioneer the evolution of bedding when they decided to cover their beds in soft linen and move them off of the floor. When the evolution of bedding began, the upper-class were the only ones who could afford a luxurious and comfortable sleep on fine fabric and more. But soon, bedding brands began to emerge out of the blue. They offered high-quality bedding for more affordable prices. Eventually, what has once considered luxury became common for all people.         

What You Need to Know Shopping for Bedding

All About Thread Count

Understanding the significance and importance of thread count is one of the basics of bedding. As you can guess through the name itself, the number of threads woven into a square inch of a fabric is known as the thread count. The higher the thread count is, the tighter the weave of the material is and the more expensive it is. If you are familiar with what thread count is, then you surely know how people determine the quality of fabric through the thread count. It is said that the higher the thread count of cloth is, the higher the quality is.

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But this is not always the case. You cannot always determine the quality of sheets through the thread count. There are other factors that you need to take into consideration before deciding what sheets you want to buy. You need to consider the material and the staple length, which is the length of the cotton fiber, as well.

While a cloth that has a high thread count is smoother in feel, it is less breathable. If you live in humid conditions or tend to sweat when you sleep, your bedsheet’s thread count should preferably not be higher than 400-500. The ideal thread count for bedding is between 400 and 600. If you go below 400, you’re compromising durability and comfort. Above 600, you’re likely to go over budget. When it comes to bedding, the rule of diminishing returns surely applies. The cost of sheets priced above 600 is higher than the gain in quality and comfort.

Shop with a Trusted Brand

While it is important to understand what you are buying, it is just as important to shop from a bedding brand that you can trust. Many retailers, especially online retailers, can make plenty of claims, such as inflated thread count or claims about imported material. It can be difficult to know what you are actually dealing with when you shop online. To avoid such false claims and scams, you should always shop from reputable and trusted brands.

Annies Home Decor is one of the leading bed sheets brands. They offer a wide range of bedding collections, which include bridal, fancy, and luxury bed sheets. You can shop their collection in different fabrics, such as damask, silk, velvet, and cotton. Annies Home Decor is known for the pristine and elegant touch their refined bedding sets add to a bedroom. From solid colored sheets to printed sheets, their products are made with premium quality fabric. You can trust Annies Home Decor to deliver style, comfort, and class through their fine bedding sets and accessories.

The Difference Between Weaves

While the naked eye cannot see the weave of a fabric, it can still play a significant role in the softness, durability, look, and cost of a sheet. Here is a list of all the different types of weaves and their characteristics:

  • Twill: Twill weave, like denim, features visible diagonal lines across the surface. Twill sheets are typically sturdy and long-lasting, and they drape beautifully.
  • Percale: The majority of sheets are woven in the Percale style. This is a crisscross design with about the same quantity of surface thread on either side. Percale has a somewhat gritty texture with a matte finish and is resilient, lightweight, and breathable.
  • Jersey: Jersey sheets are beautifully knitted rather than weaved. Jersey sheets feature a more casual look, a softer feel, and plenty of flexibility and elasticity.
  • Sateen: Increased fibers on the surface result in a smoother, more sumptuous feel and a gorgeous gloss in sateen fabric. Sateen sheets, however, are more susceptible to tangling.
  • Patterned: The design in patterned sheets is weaved into the sheet’s texture. These sheets have a more opulent, vintage appearance and are significantly heavier. Sheets with patterned weaves are more costly. Damask and brocade are patterned weave sheets.
  • Dobby: A pattern, usually basic parts like dots or stripes, is weaved further into cloth.
  • Every Cotton is Different

Out of all the kinds of cotton used in bedding, Egyptian cotton is of the highest quality. In Egyptian cotton, the staple length is longer in comparison to other kinds of cotton. This makes the fabric more durable and buttery smooth to feel. After Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton is considered the next best type of cotton. The quality and price of cotton fabric are determined by the length of the fiber.

The least expensive cotton is Upland cotton, which is mostly produced in America and has short fibers. After Upland cotton, Pima cotton has longer fibers and is grown in South Carolina. American cotton, which has the best quality, is Supima® cotton. Supima® is made from the lengthiest Pima cotton. This cotton is softer and more durable than Pima cotton. Then comes the king of cotton, grown in the rich and beautiful Nile River Valley located in Egypt; Egyptian cotton is the finest cotton produced in the world.

All About Pillows

Pillows have two purposes: they provide comfortable support for your upper neck and back. Your spine has a natural curvature and selecting a pillow that is either too big or small, too thin or too thick, might result in frequent morning pains that can have a significant impact on the rest of your day. Finding the correct pillow to support the curvature of your spine is the greatest method to achieve the healthiest sleep and avoid chronic back or neck pain, in addition to purchasing the most comfortable mattress for your specific sleep demands.

There are three different types of pillows you can add to your bed: orthopedic pillows, standard pillows, and decorative pillows. You can use decorative pillows to add a splash of color or pattern to your bedroom. These pillows are not designed to provide the best support for your neck and back, and they are solely for decorative purposes. Orthopedic pillows, on the other hand, are used to relieve chronic pain. Depending on your sleeping position, experts recommend different types of pillows. For people who sleep on their back or stomach, thinner and softer pillows are best. For those who tend to sleep on their sides, experts recommend thicker and firm pillows.

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