Fulfill Your On Demand Business Needs With Gojek Clone App

To fill the void of Delivering the best On-Demand Needs and Earning Prosperity, there needs to be a bridge. And that bridge is On-Demand Services in Single Application.

To launch a Successful App, let’s first dive into what this App is and how it should work.

What Is A Perfect Gojek Clone?

A perfect App is a Ready-To-Launch Super App that offers Multiple On-Demand Services like Household Maintenance Services, Taxi Booking Services, Parcel or Food Delivery Services, Transport and Logistics, Classic Car Washes, and more. To really make it an ‘Ultimate Super App’, the App needs to be embed with exciting features that are Customizable according to the Services you offer.

To fulfill the On-Demand Business needs, the App must persistently outgrow itself by Integrating Features and Services as per Customers’ requirements.

Deliver Best On-Demand Needs To Customers

  1. Launch a One-Stop Solution for all your Customers’

Include services like Ride-Hailing, Booking Dog-Grooming Services, Food and Grocery Delivery, Parcel Delivery to Single or Multiple Destinations, Appointment with the Doctor, Masseuse, Beautician, calling a Locksmith, and many more in a single application.

  1. Add User-Friendly and Responsive Designs

See that these designs are Mature or Bug-Free. The App must be made to work flawlessly on devices like Mobile, Tablets, iWatch,  Laptops and Kiosk Panels.

  1. Launch an App that works on both iOS and Android Platforms

Take into consideration all the Legal Laws and Regulations so that the iOS and Android Apps get Approve by the Google and Apple App Stores.

  1. Don’t restrict your On-Demand Business App to Local areas only

It must have all the essential features and components to help you launch your application Internationally.

For instance, you can enable the feature of adding Multiple Preferred Currencies and Languages depending on the market you next want to operate in. This will help the local people to change Payment Settings in the Currency of their choice via the In-App Wallet or set their Prefer Local Language to understand what’s written on the screen.

  1. Let Users Book Service through Website and Calls

Many people are not Gadget-Savvy and some may not even own a Smartphone. Thus, it is a bad idea to not include them in your Customer Base. Avail of your On-Demand Services through your Official Website or a Simple Phone Call. The non-tech-savvy person can directly Call the Admin Dispatcher Panel that serves as the Backend Team and get help with the Service they want. They can Book Taxis, Order Food and Groceries, even Parcel Delivery among others via just one Phone Call.

Fulfill Your On-Demand Business Revenue Needs

  1. Earn through Commission-Based Revenue Model

Since it is an On-Demand Services in Single Application, several Service Providers, Restaurant Owners or Store Owners will register with you. So, for every confirmed Order, Ride, or Delivery, the App Owner can earn a Commission. The App Owner can set “Store Wise Commission” to balance the Commission Rates depending on the Service Demands.

  1. Don’t keep your Gojek Clone App Services Free of Cost

The App Owners can earn a fee from Subscription Plans that they curate based on the Services and Features they offer. Under this Subscription Plan, the Service Provider will make a One-Time-Payment to the App Owner and set themselves free from paying Commission on each Service that gets render through the App. The Service Providers are free to choose any Plan that fits their needs without burning a hole in their pocket.

  1. Offer Membership to your Customers

Offering Membership to Customers is a remarkable way of adding higher Revenue to your Bank Balance. With a compliant Membership Plan, you can:

  • Encourage your customers to get early bird advantage offers if they have your App’s Membership.
  • Your Sales Revenue Fluctuations can settle because of these stable Recurring Fees.
  • Since pricing is the key, keep your Membership prices low to grab a huge customer base.
  1. Generate Revenue from Third-Party Ad Banners

Want to bring in huge profits into your business quickly? Then, take advantage of Third-Party Ad Banners. Gojek Clone App allows you to run Ads on the Home Page Screen of the App. The Third-Party Business will pay you a certain amount to put up the Ad and with increasing visibility, your App brand will flourish too.

  1. Earn Commission On Every Canceled Order

The App feature allows the App Owners to earn a Commission Rate for every Service/Order that gets process and then the User cancels it. The App Owner can modify this Commission for various Restaurants/Store/Service Providers.


To fulfill your On-Demand Business needs in the quickest time, buy White-label App Like Gojek.  Also, Christmas is around the corner so why not Launch your business immediately within 7-10 business days with V3Cube. You can enjoy some heavy Sales and Revenue this Holiday Season! Since, all the Apps are thoroughly Market-Tested, Mature enough so you will find no glitches. Plus, they are optimized to run on every smart device.

Remember these Business Revenue Models and On-Demand Customer needs if you want to see your Business Skyrocket. Expand in the market with V3Cube. Contact the Sales Team to know more about the Products/Services.

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