Why Is Network Maintenance Very Important for Your Business?

Network maintenance refers to all the tasks involved in the process of upkeep and smooth operations of the computer network of any organisation. Network maintenance may require upkeep, repair, maintenance, and replacement of equipment. This is done to avoid sudden breakdowns or outages during the working hours of the business operation. 

But it is challenging for a company to manage the maintenance of its computer network on top of its day-to-day operational needs. So many businesses are now turning towards a third-party IT services company for their network maintenance needs. This third party can remotely monitor the health of an organisation’s computer network and suggest timely changes and repairs.?

How Is Network Maintenance Generally Done?

Network maintenance includes the upkeep of a large variety of devices, including but not limited to modems, routers, servers, printers, firewalls, and much more. The IT services company also monitors the wireless network used at any organisation by using some kind of access point to connect it to the outsourced company’s network. 

The outsourced company deploys technicians skilled in working with various devices to run checks and tests on network quality constantly. When any problems are identified in any part of the network, or any equipment, technicians are sent to the client company’s on-site location to perform repairs. 

Some IT services companies provide a very comprehensive network maintenance service. This means that the company also maintains an asset list ? both software and hardware used in the computer network of an organisation. They use this list to regularly perform repairs and timely replacements or timely software updates. When the equipment is well maintained, there are no chances of sudden unexpected breakdowns that require emergency replacement at very high prices.?

MSP Corp, which is one of the leading IT services companies in Sydney, Australia, includes quite a few services under their network maintenance umbrella?

  • Asset management ? both software and hardware installation, maintenance, and upgrades schedules are maintained 
  • Security monitoring ? the network is assessed for any potential security threats, and safety firewalls are regularly updated 
  • Data backup ? data recovery and data backup are some essential IT services provided by third parties for companies. Despite very regular network maintenance, a few outages are unavoidable, but proper backup ensures that these outages do not majorly affect the company. MSP Corp also provides cloud maintenance and cloud migration services for additional data backup. 

Why Should You Use a Third-Party Service For Network Maintenance?

The answer to this question is different depending on the organisation’s size. A small enterprise with a smaller network means much less equipment for an IT team to monitor and maintain. As a result, a dedicated IT team may end up spending most of its time simply monitoring the network and only a few productive workdays on repairs and upgrades. 

A small enterprise with a fixed budget cannot afford the luxury of paying for employees with such limited productivity. For small enterprises and start-ups, a third-party IT service can do the task of monitoring and maintenance at a fixed price every month while the internal employees are freed up to take on more business-related tasks. 

The situation is different for larger enterprises with a larger network system. Here, there are too many devices to monitor and maintain for the internal IT team of the organisation. Basic problems may get overlooked due to this. So, larger enterprises choose to use third-party IT service companies to have a whole firm of dedicated technicians monitoring and working on their network. 

MSP Corp is a very versatile IT services company. Small, large, and medium scale enterprises can find a services bundle that suits their needs at an affordable price. This price is also fixed every month, so that means that companies can calculate and pre-plan their expenses ahead of time rather than having to suddenly over-stretch the budget to pay for emergency breakdown repairs. 

MSP Corp also has a very strong emergency service. In case of any problems in the network, MSP Corp’s helpdesk is always available to sort out problems remotely. If that is not possible, then on-site technicians are dispatched immediately to solve the problem.?Low downtime means higher profit levels for any company. So, if you are a company based in Australia and want to reduce the average network downtime of your organisation, it may be beneficial for you to get started with MSP Corp. Fill in the enquiry form on https://www.mspcorp.com.au/network-audit-request-form/ and get started immediately. Do not waste precious hours on network downtime. A little expenditure on network maintenance can go a long way in ensuring that the major losses due to lost person-hours can be avoided.