Choose the Best Control Panel to Manage VPS Hosting Kolkata

Nowadays, everyone uses web portals to run their enterprises. They want to choose the best web hosting that provides all the features like security, scalability, and reliability. However, people want full control over their servers.

The control panel lets you access the menus and functions, and you can also make a sub-domain of your website with the help of the control panel. By working with the control panel you can easily manage the website. 

Plesk Panel and cPanel are the two utmost web hosting control panels for organizing the database, organizing emails. You can choose one of the control panels in VPS Hosting Kolkata to get full control over your server.

Types of Control Panel

Though every control function is similar. But, all the control panels are different in their UI design, options, cost, features, and so on. There are two control panels in VPS Hosting Kolkata that provides you with the best options at an affordable price.


c-Panel is most widely used among all the control panels. The c-panel has a familiar interface in VPS Hosting Kolkata. It gives users the ability to manage web servers from a single location.

Features of c-Panel

  • According to your hosting plan, you can host multiple sub-domains and manage your emails.
  • Manage FTP accounts on the server, including file transfers, uploads, and deletions.
  • Numerous APIs and add-ons.
  • Web-related statistics, such as monthly visitor count, might be beneficial to users.
  • Provides robust data security along with backup and recovery capabilities.

Plesk Panel

Plesk control panel is another well-known panel in Kolkata VPS. This Plesk panel is mostly used in Windows operating system at the initial time. However, it is currently also utilized in the Linux operating system.

Features of Plesk Panel

  • Uploading and managing files
  • Create FTP accounts for your users.
  • Create new sub-domains and domains.
  • Setting up and managing email accounts in Hosting Kolkata.
  • Creation and management of databases.
  • Take a look at the files from the weblog.
  • Options for backup and recovery
  • Domain name system (DNS) and other resource management

Choose c-Panel or Plesk Panel from Serverwala

There are many web hosting companies that administer you the c-Panel or Plesk panel at a high cost. Their services with the control panel are also not good.

Serverwala is the 3 tier data center in VPS Hosting Kolkata that provides you a separate control panel as an add-on in the VPS hosting service. 

Plesk Control Panel is a user-friendly, web-based interface that keeps you up to speed on the newest server security. With the c-Panel, you can manage and handle your server function. C-Panel is the popular control panel and the most familiar one also.

Control your Website with Serverwala Best VPS Kolkata Hosting

In today?s era, everyone wants to control their website on their own. You can control your website with the Serverwala VPS Hosting Provider in Kolkata. The company provides you the various services at an affordable price.

Network Speed

With VPS Hosting Kolkata, Serverwala provides you the high-tech network speed. They provide you with a 1 GBPS network speed which is beneficial for your website. Through this, you get 20X faster network connectivity which helps in loading your website within seconds. 


Many web hosting companies promise to give you 100% uptime but they aren?t able to provide the guaranteed uptime. Serverwala promises that they provided you with 99.90%  uptime which increases your session time. The company provides you the secure channels with high-tech network flexibility in VPS Hosting Kolkata. 

DDoS Protection

DDoS Attacks mean that your website is not secured. It is attacked by some unusual viruses, your data can be hacked.  Serverwala provides you with the best VPS Kolkata DDoS protection which improves your security. The DDoS protection kit recognizes the incoming viruses which protect your data.

SSD Drive

SSD Drive helps in increasing your RAM speed. If the speed of the RAM increases it also increases the website speed. The SSD Drives provide the storage to store your data. Serverwala provides you with Cheap VPS Kolkata which helps in increasing your website speed. 

24/7 Customer Support

Every web hosting company promises to give you the best customer support but they don?t fulfill their promises. Serverwala provides you the round clock support which increases customer trust in VPS Hosting Kolkata. They fulfill their promise with various options through ticket system, E-Mail, chatbot, or you can directly contact their sales team also to get quick customer support.

Which One is Best According to your Business?

Now, you know what is the control panel, the types of the control panel, the features provided by the control panel, and which company provides the control panel at an affordable price. Therefore, it is time to choose which one is the best for your business c-Panel or Plesk Panel in VPS Hosting Kolkata.

Choose Plesk Panel or c-Panel on some factors:

Operating System

c-Panel is used in Linux web hosting and it does not work properly in Windows operating system. So, if you have Linux operating system c-Panel is a perfect fit for your business in VPS Hosting in Kolkata.

If you have Windows operating system Plesk Panel is the perfect fit for your business. It works efficiently on Windows web hosting. 


c-Panel is familiar to everyone means you can easily work with the panel. The panel is familiar with the Graphical User Interface (GUI). Its UI is quite different.

Plesk Panel is user-friendly and it comes with a simple UI design.


c-Panel works at a faster speed and it loads the website within the seconds in VPS Hosting Kolkata.

Plesk Panel doesn?t work at a faster speed. It takes more amount of time to load your website. 


c-Panel is costly as it works at a faster speed and it also provides the best functions and it is familiar to everyone in VPS Hosting in Kolkata. 

Plesk Panel is not costly but it does not work at a faster speed and it does not provide all the functions as that of c-Panel.


Control Panel helps to manage your website in the best ways. VPS Hosting Kolkata provides you the options to choose the best panel that suits your website. 

If you are new to the VPS server and don?t know about the working of the control panel. You don?t need to bother Serverwala here to benefit you with their best customer support in VPS Server. With Serverwala’s assistance, you can work with the best panel at an affordable price.