Navigating Narrow Hallways: Creative Strategies for Maximizing Space and Style

transform your narrow hallway

There’s nothing quite as challenging as finding ways to maximize and style narrow hallway spaces. Most of the time these spaces feel too enclosed, too cramped, and impossible to decorate.

However, according to experts, narrow hallways are architectural gems that require some creativity and clever solutions. To help spark your creativity, we gathered a couple of narrow hallway styling ideas. Check them out and transform your narrow hallway space.

Illuminate the space with strategic lighting

Most narrow spaces lack natural light which makes them feel dark and uninviting. Fortunately, you can easily change this with strategic artiificial lighting.

Make your narrow hallway welcoming by experimenting with different kinds of lighting. For example, you can create a focal point in this narrow space by adding a pendant light. A pendant light will accentuate the height of the space instead of the width, which is the goal.

Additionally, you can install wall sconces and they will illuminate the dark corners of your hallway. Recessed ceiling lights are also a great option. All in all, good lighting in the narrow hallway can not only make the space more inviting, but can also make it feel more spacious and less narrow.

Use mirrors to open up the space

In addition to lighting, mirrors are great tools to make the narrow space feel more spacious. This is because they reflect the light and if you place them in a narrow hallway, you will visually expand the space.

There are many different ways to incorporate mirrors in your hallway design. One of the best ways is to put the mirror opposite a source of light, whether that is a window or an artificial light.

This way the light will bounce off the mirror and make the space seem more open. You can use one large mirror, or several smaller ones, this depends on you and your style.

Keep clutter at bay with smart storage solutions

When it comes to storage, you need to maximize every inch of a narrow space. That’s why your best solution is efficient, multi-functional furniture. Furniture that has dual purpose is the best way to put an end to clutter in a narrow space.

Benches with storage space, durable coat racks with storage for shoes, console tables with drawers and space underneath for baskets, and so on. Simply look for two-in-one furniture that can maximize your space. Built in furniture is also a great option if you have space. You can also make the most of vertical space and add wall hooks, floating shelves, shoe racks, and other options.

When coming up with storage solutions for such narrow spaces, you need to be creative and think out of the box.

Choose the right tones and colors for your hallway

Yet another thing that can influence the perception of space in a narrow hallway is your choice of tones and colors. Since the goal is to make this space feel more open and welcoming, you should choose colors that will reflect the light and make the space seem bigger than it is.

This is why your best solution is a monochromatic color palette with neutral colors such as white, beige, and light grey. You can even elongate your narrow hallway by painting the walls only halfway up.

However, if that seems too cold or too monochromatic for you, you can break it up by adding pops of color and pattern. For example, a patterned rug, artwork, or even wallpaper is a great idea.

Mixing and matching patterns and adding wallpaper  

If you’re not a fan of a monochromatic style, you can play around with patterns. Patterned floors can take away from the narrowness of the space. So, if you want you can use patterned tiles as your hallway flooring.

Additionally, you can use wallpaper to create a sense of depth in a narrow space. The best would be to paint the lower walls in a neutral color, white preferably, and use the bold wallpaper for the other part of the wall. What you will achieve with this is to draw the eyes up so people will notice the height of the room instead of its narrowness.

However, if you’re going to be adding wallpaper, then don’t use patterned tiles on the floor. Doing both the wallpaper and floor can cause patterns to clash which is something you don’t want.

Use décor to add interest to the hallway

Hallways, especially narrow ones, are often too impersonal and bland. You can change this by infusing some personality in them. Pictures, paintings, and other wall décor are a great way to transform this narrow space without making it too crowded.

Make a gallery wall in your hallway, and display your family photos or decorative objects. Not only will this add personality and character to your hallway, but it will also elongate it. Use artwork and décor to draw the eye up and that way highlight the height of the space.

You can also hang floating shelves and decorate them to add more style and character to the hallway. Simply, find clever ways to give personality and elongate the space.

Make the front door your focal point

We always consider how the hallway looks from the entrance, and we mostly disregard how the hallway looks from the opposite angle. The hallway should also be stylish for you who live in that house.

To do that, you can make your front door a focal point. All you have to do is paint the front door in a fun, bold color. Something that will complement the rest of the space and that will lift it and make the light bounce off. For example, pastel colors are always a good choice for the front door. Red, navy, and yellow are some of the popular color options.

Bottom Line

Working with narrow spaces can be daunting. But it’s also challenging and it makes you think out of the box. If your home has a narrow hallway, we hope that these couple of creative strategies can help you style and maximize the space.

And remember, the goal is to create optical illusions that the space is not as narrow or small as it really is.

Author bio: Erin Lane is a creative writer and lifestyle blogger from Canberra, Australia. She is a hard-working, organized, dedicated professional interested in learning new things. With five years of experience in writing, Erin has covered numerous topics, including health, fashion, fitness, makeup, home improvement, decoration, business, and finances. Erin is an active person who enjoys nature and traveling.

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